And suddenly, all my controls aren't declared! (VB.NET)

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This is strange. Everything worked great this morning on my ASP project.

Suddenly, I have 48 errors. Similar to the following:

Name 'pnlVars' is not declared
'txtPolicyNo' is not a member of 'LetterWriterASP.UW'

Seems every control I reference is now no longer declared or not a member of my project.

I checked the page, the controls are all there with the same names & IDs.

What happened? .NET glitch?

Try closing your Visual Studio and re-opening again. It happens to me from time to time and restart seems to always do the trick.

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I've had this happen before, I just close and reopen visual studio and all is well.

CONTROLS HAVE DISAPPEARED AND SO HAS THE OPTIONS , Please help! My sons been playing fine Minecraft PE on his tablet just fine when all of a sudden the controls and inventory have disappeared  This post has been reported. Hey there, my friend is having abit of a problem with his keyboard. All his buttons has switched place, like when he press Y it comes s Z, but with all buttons. i know there is some kind of hotkey for changing it, like Ctrl + Shift + Alt, or something like that (not sure) but i cant find it.

Of course it also helps to make sure, when you add a copied aspx page to your solution, to double-check the CodeBehind page tag and make sure it's not pointing to any other pages in your solution!

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Guys, thanks for the help. Restarting VS2008 didn't quite work, but I'll list the steps I took which eliminated the errors:

1) Restarted VS
2) Restarted Windows
3) Opened VS project
4) Selected one of the "erroneous" controls on the aspx page
5) CTRL + X (cut)
6) CTRL + V (paste in same place)
7) Remaining errors mysteriously vanished
8) Wait two days to select this as the answer

Thanks again for your help!


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Just had this happen to me. Changing design elements, before or after deleting and creating a new designer.vb page did not work.

Changing the name of the main .aspx pages that were giving me problems (which causes the .vb and designer.vb pages to automatically get renamed), and then changing it back forced Visual Studio (2012 for me just now) to regenerate the designer files when it went to update the name.

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