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I've got a bit of a problem that I'm struggling with. I have a legacy database that represents a tree structure within itself using Parent and Child fields to represent itself. It also contains Previous Peer, Next Peer and Level fields.

The main problem I have is that that database doesn't use NULL to represent the start and end points of the relationships, it uses -1.

What I'm trying to do is get all the child records of a given parent.

ID    Parent    PriorPeer   NextPeer   Child   Level
0       0         -1          -1         1       0
1       0         -1           3         2       1
2       1         -1          -1         4       2
3       0          1           5        -1       1
4       2         -1          -1        -1       3

I've managed to write a CTE

;with temp as (
    select * from source
    where ID = 0

    union all

    select y.* from source y
    inner join temp x on y.parent = x.ID

select * from temp

This works fine for all ID values other than 0. But falls apart because the top level's parentID references itself rather than -1, the query just repeats itself endlessly. Is there a way I can break this self reference without changing the table data?

You can break the loop by using

inner join temp x on y.parent = x.ID and y.ID > 0


inner join temp x on y.parent = x.ID and y.Level > 0

Parent-Child Tree Hierarchical ORDER, Table 2 This table CommentId is the primary key, auto number. In your gui, you want to display it ASC, so that when reading the thread, it makes sense. (oldest (​  The easiest way to migrate from a Parent/Child structure to a table using hierarchyid is to use a temporary column or a temporary table to keep track of the number of nodes at each level of the hierarchy. For an example of migrating a Parent/Child table, see lesson 1 of Tutorial: Using the hierarchyid Data Type. Managing a Tree Using hierarchyid

Wherever you would use the field Parent, instead use

case when Level=0 then -1 else Parent end as true_parent

How do you create a parent-child tree with table/excel data , I solved, perhaps, slightly different case with tree representation on Confluence pages with plugin​  Parent-child hierarchy fields into slicer like this: Result: By the way, you need not add ALL OPERATIONS in the column Name, if you don't select any value from slicer, it will show all the data, So you may remove the first row. here is pbix, please try it.

As simple as adding a predicate to block instances where parent == child id?

with temp as (
    select * from source
    where ID = 0

    union all

    select y.* from source y
    inner join temp x on y.parent = x.ID and y.parent <>

select * from temp

Building Parent-Child Table Tree information – SQLServerCentral, If they would like to do any DML operation (mostly delete) on one or more rows in a table, they had to know all its child tables first, then all its  Figure 7 The Nodes table defines a parent-child hierarchy through the NodeKey and ParentKey columns. You create a hidden HierarchyPath column containing the result of the PATH function, which provides a string with the complete path to reach the node in the current row of the table, as shown in Figure 8.

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Understanding Tree and Recursive Hierarchy Processing, That is, recursive hierarchies are generic two-column tables, with the columns representing parent and child. However, in the MDW, PeopleSoft hierarchical  Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Here, in this post, we will try to manage data with hierarchical relation or parent-child relation of a specific table in SQL server. Our special concentration would be over. Here is our table schema: Let’s populate the table with data: So our populated table would be like: