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I'm trying to make a 'select all' style checkbox in jQuery. here is current markup:

       <th><input class='select-all' type='checkbox' /></th>
      <td><input class='list-select' type='checkbox' /><td>
    //more <tr>s..

what's the easiest way to get all of the 'list-select' checkboxes from the click event of the select all checkbox?

$(".select-all").click(function() {


There could be more than one of these on the page, so it has to be relative. i.e. I can't just use $(".list-select")

Here's a quick fiddle example:

At the core is:

    $(this).parents('table').find('.list-select').prop("checked", $(this).prop("checked"));

Note that I'd also recommend adding listeners on the .list_select boxes so that if any of them become unchecked, the select all becomes unchecked, and if all of them are checked individually then the select all becomes checked as well.

Selecting all input fields, in a iteration over table elements, Hi. Im quite new to Jquery, and are having a problem selecting the things I want to. What I have is this html: <div class="persons"> <table> <tr> To get the value of the clicked cell, the jQuery solution is to attach a click event to all the table cells and assign the highlight CSS to the clicked cell and obtain its value. Then show this value on the screen by assigning it to the span element.

If the select all check box is always in the <thead> of the table, then you can use:

$(this).parents('table').find('.list-select').prop('checked', true);

:empty Selector, Description: Select all elements that have no children (including text nodes). version added: 1.0jQuery( ":empty" ). This is the inverse of :parent . One important thing to note with :empty (and :parent) is that child elements are empty (i.e. have no children) by definition: <input>, <img>, <br>, and <hr>, for <table border="1">. jQuery sum of all textbox values: This article explains how to calculate the total of all textboxes values in a table column. Inshort on text change event, we calculate the sum of all input values entered in the table column, i.e., whenever the user enters any values or modifies the value to any of the given textbox will calculate and display

(Sorry, misread question at first.)

Probably go up to the closest table, then down to the .list-select:

var select = $(this).closest('table').find('.list-select');

(this will be the .select-all that was clicked, because this is inside the event handler.)

closest starts with the element you give it and moves up through the hierarchy to find a match, and stops with the first one it finds. Then find is sort of the opposite, it goes from there to find descendant elements matching the selector.

jQuery tablesorter 2.0, tablesorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and Attach child rows (rows that sort with their parent row) (v2.15.12). Input/select parsers (used by Grouping rows widget) (v2.8; Updated v2.30.7). cssInfoBlock, String, "tablesorter-infoOnly", All tbodies with this class name will not have its  When it comes to working with HTML tables and data on the client-side, the JavaScript + jQuery combination is hard to beat. That being said, loading tables data procured from the server requires more fire power. For that, you may want to give the DataTables jQuery plug-in a try.

I think you try to achieve this:


That gives your .select-all checkbox the functionality to select and de-select all .list-select checkboxes.

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Try the below code. This is Logic for Checking checkboxes and all Checkbox. Use the pattern for class for single checkbox => "chkSelect-'AnySignificantName'" and for all checkbox => "chkSelect-'AnySignificantName'-all" to make use of this logic.

For example, use classs "cheSelect-Grid-All" for checkbox "cbSelectAll1" of header and "cheSelect-Grid" for the table body rows.

$("body").on("click", "input[type='checkbox'][class*='chkSelect-']", function () {
var classes = $(this).attr('class').split(' ');
var selfClassname = '', type = 'single', singleClassName = '', allClassName = '';
if (classes.length > 0) {
    classes.forEach(function (a) {
        if (a.indexOf('chkSelect-') > -1) {
            selfClassname = a;
if (selfClassname !== '') {
    if ((selfClassname.match(/-/g) || []).length === 2) {
        type = 'all';
        allClassName = selfClassname;
        singleClassName = allClassName.replace("-All", "");
    else {
        singleClassName = selfClassname;
        allClassName = singleClassName + "-All";
    if (singleClassName !== '' && allClassName !== '') {
        if (type === "all") {
            $("." + singleClassName).prop("checked", $(this).is(":checked"));
        else {
            if ($(this).is(":checked") && $("." + singleClassName).length === $("." + singleClassName + ":checked").length) {
                $("." + allClassName).prop("checked", true);
            else {
                $("." + allClassName).prop("checked", false);

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JavaScript and jQuery by Examples, At a minimum, you should have the "Firebug" (or Web Developer Tools). errorBox { /* for the error input text fields */ border: 2px solid red; } table { border: errMsg, errElm, inputElm); return isValid; } /* Validate that input value contains one or It returns true if all the input validation functions return true , resulted in the form  jQuery - Clear All Input:TextFields on Button Click using jQuery. Clear All Input:TextFields using jQuery - In this code snippet, we will learn how to clear all input fields like input text type (input box) and TextArea field on Button Click. When we design a form, there will be a button "Clear" that will clear all input text boxes

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  • nice. I was not aware of the parents() function. I had tried parent() to do something similar but it will not work that way. Also, good idea on the additional listeners for list-select checks
  • parents will find all table elements that are ancestors, rather than stopping on the first one. closest is a better choice.
  • You're right, although I don't think the SO is having nested tables, closest more precise, it is more efficient and always returns a single element.