read-only php.ini file is preventing saving new configuration

I've installed "PHP PECL EXTENSION/MODULE ON UBUNTU". At the end, I was asked to add some configuration lines in the a file called php_ini that can be found in this path:


However, after making my changes, I can't save the file because the file is read-only.

What the appropriate action to save my changes. I don't really why the file is read-only, I don't know if there is some thing I need to do. I'm new in Ubuntu/php

Thanks for helping.

For accessing the system files you need root permission.So you would need to use sudo would be like sudo vim /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini(if u are using vim editor) as user2075215 mentioned in comment.

permissions - How can I edit php.ini?, Each time PHP is initialized, the php.ini file is read by the system. Settings with a particular hostname will work under that particular host only. option as off. = files You don't need to change anything in this setting. [​On/Off] This settings control what will happen when the user click any stop button. I configured PHP to look in /etc/php5/apache2 for the php.ini file. the output of phpinfo() says that the path was set correctly, but also says no configuration file was loaded. i changed the php.ini permissions to 777 temporarily to test that issue and permissions are not the issue. what else could the issue be? When I compiled php, i did:

Use command: "sudo gedit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini" It will open text editor, change your settings and save with ctrl+s and close the editor. All changes will be saved.

PHP, 5.6.1, Added new INI_SCANNER_TYPED mode. The file config.ini can be read by anyone who knows where it's located, if it's under your Here is a quick parse_ini_file wrapper to add extend support to save typing and redundancy. or to prevent the file being viewed you can just use a .htaccess file and add this line The PHP configuration file, php.ini, is the final and most immediate way to affect PHP's functionality. The php.ini file is read each time PHP is other words, whenever httpd is restarted for the module version or with each script execution for the CGI version.

Since I am a beginner in Terminal, I used cd multiple times to get to the location of my php.ini file. cd etc cd php cd 7.0 . . .

Then I did

$ sudo xdg-open php.ini

and the file popped up and I am able save edits now.

parse_ini_file - Manual, Steps to modify the PHP configuration file using the command line on Ubuntu. Jul 10, 2019 · I am a new Linux or UNIX like operating system user. ini File. ini file as This page shows how to save a file in vi or vim. ini - Configuration file for the name in /etc/hostname, but it is a read-only file. ini overrides the global php. In a hosting environment such as ours, modifying the main php.ini file isn’t a viable option for changing default PHP settings. Don’t despair, however. Don’t despair, however. In their infinite wisdom and incredible foresight, the developers of PHP built in a way for you to change certain directives locally using a file named .user.ini .

Edit ini file linux, 2. php. parse_ini_file() loads in the ini file specified in filename, and returns we'​ll learn a few basic commands; how to save a file after writing or modifying its content. Please Read-only files may be read-only on a file level or a folder level, configuration file is read from the disk every time the system boots, preventing  Hello all, i am really new to PHP and just started learning it. I downloaded PHP 5 and Apache 2 and installed both and while reading steps on how to set it all up i came across this file php.ini should be in C:/Windows But this file was not present in PHP 5 installation directory. There are two f

Linux read ini file, PHP's initialization file, generally called php.ini, is responsible for. ; configuring for production servers to avoid leaking configuration details. ; Default Value: On. You have memory_limit in your PHP configuration; 54525952 bytes which is 52MB. You should configure memory_limit in php.ini or .htaccess or fix memory leak.

php-src/php.ini-development at master · php/php-src · GitHub, 0407, -r—–rwx, owner has read only, other has rwx, group has no permission Exception: wp-config.php should be 440 or 400 to prevent other users on the server can update it when you change settings such as adding a new page, redirect, a custom php.ini file located in the cgi-bin directory for executing php scripts. Place the 4GB Patch in your NV Directory and simply run the patcher's .exe file to patch the game. Then launch the game through the default launcher or the NV Script Extender if you use that. #1

  • Use sudo to edit system files.
  • sudo vim /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
  • @mario You should add this as an answer(possibly with a small explanation or mention to gksudo if he's planning on using a gui editor like gedit or knote), you're correct.
  • I've tried the command, but I'm getting the error that there's not such command as vim. I'guess I must be missing vim. However I've got gedit. Isit still fine? Maybe I must get vim if I'll be using that often down the road.
  • You could try nano. I believe that is installed on Ubuntu systems by default. So... sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini