How do I configure go command to use a proxy?

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I want to run go install to install the tour, but I can't find the option to use a proxy for internet access. I don't need this just for the tour but for developing in Go in general.

How do I configure Go to use a proxy.

Go programs understand environment variables http_proxy and no_proxy, but that's not enough because go get uses source control managers for retrieving code. So you have to set HTTP proxy settings for your SCM too. Use this for Mercurial and this for Git.

http_proxy value can be like http://user:password@host:port/. User, password, and port parts are optional. no_proxy is a comma-separated list of servers that should not be connected through proxy. Its value can be like,

You can set these environment variables in your bash_profile, but if you want to limit their usage to go, you can run it like this:

$ http_proxy= go get

If that's what you always want, set this alias to avoid typing proxy part every time:

$ alias go='http_proxy= go'

From now on you can use go normally, but it uses your HTTP proxy.

Set proxy when executing "go get" command, Note that if you are using `go get` in Git Bash (when your git.exe is not exported to Windows CMD), you should use `export http_proxy=http://  From now on you can use go normally, but it uses your HTTP proxy. mercurial uses the http_proxy environment variable, too. @Meow Best was is to use a tool like privoxy or torsocks to provide it as an HTTP proxy to the tools. For other proxy such as socks, I guess you can set it in IE options for Windows platform.

you can also map http requests to socks5 traffic by using

very handy if you are blocked by GFW

How to use Golang's "go get" from behind a proxy., With the GiT proxy value now set I tried the following command go get github.​com/mtojek/aws-closest-region. After what seemed like hours  Windows will then only use a proxy if you configure one under Manual proxy setup. In some cases, you may need to manually enter the address of a setup script for your proxy configuration. To do so, enable the “Use setup script” option here. Plug the network address of the script into the “Script address” box, and click “Save”.

You may want check,

$ graftcp-local/graftcp-local -h
Usage of graftcp-local/graftcp-local:
  -config string
        Path to the configuration file
  -listen string
        Listen address (default ":2233")
  -logfile string
        Write logs to file
  -loglevel value
        Log level (0-6) (default 1)
  -pipepath string
        Pipe path for graftcp to send address info (default "/tmp/graftcplocal.fifo")
  -service string
        Control the system service: ["start" "stop" "restart" "install" "uninstall"]
  -socks5 string
        SOCKS5 address (default "")
        Send logs to the local system logger (Eventlog on Windows, syslog on Unix)

If you already have shadowsocks listening on 1080, then you don't need provide any paramaters, just run graftcp-local, to proxy go get

$ ./graftcp go get -v

GoGetProxyConfig · golang/go Wiki · GitHub, Setting proxies for source code used by go get (listed in GoGetTools). Windows command line. $ set http_proxy= git. $ git config  To use a proxy on the Linux command-line, you can set the environment variables http_proxy, https_proxy or ftp_proxy, depending on the traffic type. These proxy server settings are used by the almost all Linux command-line utilities, e.g. ftp, wget, curl, ssh, apt-get, yum and others.

Add GOPROXY variable name and Variable value as your proxy in the System variable. This worked for me.

How to use go get behind a proxy : golang, I'm currently to use the command "go get" behind a proxy but it resolves in error. I have correctly set up git and I can clone. I also tried to set up the environment  Open an elevated command-line: a. Go to Start and type cmd. b. Right-click Command prompt and select Run as administrator. Enter the following command and press Enter: netsh winhttp set proxy <proxy>:<port> For example: netsh winhttp set proxy To reset the winhttp proxy, enter the following command and press Enter. netsh winhttp reset proxy

This works for me:

alias go='http_proxy= https_proxy= no_proxy=localhost,,::1 go'

Note: for someones, protocol may be different https_proxy=

Why you should use a Go module proxy · Fatih Arslan, Recently, people started to advocate using a Go module proxy. vendor/ folder is not used by default anymore for the go command (in By setting the GOPROXY environment variable to a Go module proxy, you can  Use the Netsh command-line tool, which replaces the Proxycfg.exe tool. To use the Netsh command-line tool, first switch to the Netsh Winhttp context. Then, use the show proxy command to view settings or the set proxy command to define your proxy server configuration settings.

How to set up proxy using http_proxy & https_proxy environment , Execute the below command with valid SERVER_IP and PORT on the terminal. This will enable proxy configuration for the current session but  How to configure proxy server settings through Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD) We recommend that you use Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD) to configure Windows 8 to use an Internet proxy server. The configuration is performed through DNS or DHCP and require no settings on client computers.

Using the cf CLI with a Proxy Server, The cf v3-ssh command supports SOCKS5 proxies. To specify the SOCKS5 proxy server: Set the ALL_PROXY environment variable, as in the  To disable the proxy, follow the same steps and, at Step 4, set the Use Setup Script switch to Off. Set up a proxy manually. Another way to set a proxy is to manually enter its IP address and port number. The address of a proxy server is similar to that of any computer on the network, and it could be something like:

Configuring R to Use an HTTP or HTTPS Proxy – RStudio Support, to go through a HTTP or HTTPS proxy, you should configure R to use the proxy for all Renviron file by running the command file.edit('~/. Copy your PowerShell code into the notepad window. For example, you are using the Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) files to automatically configure proxy server settings on user computers. You can specify the URL address of the PAC file and authenticate on the proxy server under the current user with the following PowerShell profile script.

  • mercurial uses the http_proxy environment variable, too.
  • @Meow Best was is to use a tool like privoxy or torsocks to provide it as an HTTP proxy to the tools.
  • For https proxy, check here:…
  • For other proxy such as socks, I guess you can set it in IE options for Windows platform. But I didn't tested that.
  • set http_proxy= and set https_proxy= if you are on Windows.
  • It's better to add some detail that facilitates go get command
  • I really wonder why - in my case go-dep - uses the git proxy value and not the env-variables - thank you for your comment