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help me find an array in the array. In this implementation, I return the entire array.

[(name: "Bell 2", arr: [arrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 1"),arrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 2")])]

I need to return:

[(name: "Bell 2", arr: [arrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 2")])]

// Playground

import UIKit

struct arrSub {
    let sub_txt: String

struct test {
    let name: String
    let arr: [arrSub]

    init(name: String, arr: [arrSub]) { = name
        self.arr  = arr

var testArr = [test]()

testArr.append(test(name: "Line 1", arr: [arrSub(sub_txt: "Line 1, 1"), arrSub(sub_txt: "Line 1, 2")]))
testArr.append(test(name: "Bell 2", arr: [arrSub(sub_txt: "Bell 2, 1"), arrSub(sub_txt: "Bell 2, 2")]))
testArr.append(test(name: "Bell 2", arr: [arrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 1"), arrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 2")]))

let new = testArr.filter({
    $0.arr.contains(where: { $0.sub_txt.contains("Test 2, 2") } )        


A simple filter won't help you achieve your goals, since you are trying to modify the test instances as well by filtering their arr property. You can use compactMap instead of filter to return modified test instances in case they fulfilled the filter criterion or nil if they didn't and compactMap will only keep the non-nil values.

let new = testArr.compactMap({ test->Test? in
let foundArrSub = test.arr.filter({ $0.sub_txt.contains("Test 2, 2") })
    if foundArrSub.count > 0 {
        return Test(name:, arr: foundArrSub)
    return nil

Test data:

var testArr = [Test]()

testArr.append(Test(name: "Line 1", arr: [ArrSub(sub_txt: "Line 1, 1"), ArrSub(sub_txt: "Line 1, 2")]))
testArr.append(Test(name: "Bell 2", arr: [ArrSub(sub_txt: "Bell 2, 1"), ArrSub(sub_txt: "Bell 2, 2")]))
testArr.append(Test(name: "Bell 2", arr: [ArrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 1"), ArrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 2"),ArrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 23")]))

[__lldb_expr_1.Test(name: "Bell 2", arr: [__lldb_expr_1.ArrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 2"), __lldb_expr_1.ArrSub(sub_txt: "Test 2, 23")])]

You should conform to the Swift naming convention, which is UpperCamelCase for types, so I changed test to Test and arrSub to ArrSub.

searching within an array of structs in c, You're doing a kind of binary search over the array, which is not designed to find all instances without modification. Have you considered just doing a linear  Or, in the search function, you can check whether array[i].word is a NULL; and if you find NULL, then you immediately return -1 from the function. For the second suggestion, your search function will become something like this.

Thanks, @Dávid Pásztor. I just slightly corrected

let new = testArr.compactMap { (myTest) -> test? in
if let foundArrSub = myTest.arr.first(where: { $0.sub_txt.contains("Test 2, 2") }){
    return test(name:, arr: [foundArrSub])
return nil} 

This search will find only one record always in the substructure. But I need to return all the elements that are equal to the search condition.

Get Index of Array containing Structs by searching for Struct Value , You can use index(where:) method. A quick example : let index = myArray.index(​where: { $ == "Smith" }). In a case when there would be  A structure array is a data type that groups related data using data containers called fields.Each field can contain any type of data. Access data in a field using dot notation of the form structName.fieldName.

You can use reduce also

let news =  testArr.reduce([test]()) { (result, testObj) -> [test] in

            let internalArray  = testObj.arr.filter({ (arraySub) -> Bool in
                return   arraySub.sub_txt.range(of:"Test 2, 2") != nil
            }).filter({ (arraySub) -> Bool in
                return   arraySub.sub_txt.range(of:"Test 2, 2") != nil
        if internalArray.count > 0 {
            return result + [test.init(name:, arr: internalArray)]
            return result


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