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I have tab bar and in view "A" and in "A" I have navigation controller. SO inside my navigation controller in "A" i called

[self presentModalViewController:modalView animated:YES]

But modalView shows under tab bar. How to show it above tab bar?

The cause of this is that the ancestor viewController is not correctly set. for instance imagine:

UIViewController * myController = ... // a view controller without a proper ancestor


myController.tabBarController == nil


[myController presentModalViewController:otherController];

Will fail (by showing up under the tab bar). The fix is to add myController to its ancestor via

[parentController addChildViewController:myController];

Now, parentController must be added to another controller in the same way and so forth until the root one is your tabController. This is only available in iOS 5+. If build for iOS 4 or earlier, you will have to work around this by making sure all of your controllers are directly added to either a UINav or UITab controller. If this is not possible, you will have to access the UITabBarController via a global variable.

How do you show a modal view controller when a , How do you show a modal view controller when a UITabBarController tab is tapped? Swift version: 5.1. Paul Hudson @twostraws May 28th  Let’s start by defining and enum that will identify our tabs in a more expressive way. In the custom tab bar there will be three element, but only two are real tabs (as you see from the video above the one in the middle is modal).

Try to present modal view from UITabBarController:

[self.tabBarController presentModalViewController:modalView animated:YES];

How to make Modal view over Tab Bar inste…, So I assume the button is getting pushed to the back. Here is my code for presenting the modal view controller over "view a". I think I may have  In the example above, we showed how to work with a UITabBarController when it is the RootViewController of the window. In this example we will examine how to use a UITabBarController when it is not the RootViewController and show how this is created use Storyboards. Initial screen example

My case, the modal has a transparent background, I set modalPresentationStyle is .overFullScreen and it show at above tabbar with clear background.

How to display a view controller as a modal from tab bar controller , tab bar supposedly the view will appear as a modal over where I was and which tab should present another //modal view controller // Here I  How to show modalviewcontroller above tabbar. is .overFullScreen and it show at above tabbar with clear Title Bar in ModalViewController. 158.

In my case the presented view controller had UIModalPresentationStyle.CurrentContext at .modalPresentationStyle, which made the tab bar overlap

Jus switch back to a default value to fix the issue

Display View Over The Top Of Other View (Modal View) – iOS , A great way of placing a new view over the top of a TabBarController etc which alloc] init]; [self presentModalViewController:vc1 animated:YES]; [vc1 release];  Since you embedded your view controllers inside navigation controllers they are no longer direct children of the tabbar; however, you are casting the children of the tabbar controller as something other than Navigation controllers. You want to first get the navigation controller, which is a child of the tabbar controller,

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Trying to show modal view from UITabBar button press, I have one button in my UITabBar that needs to show a modal (in Swift 2). /how​-do-you-show-a-modal-view-controller-when-a-uitabbarcontroller-tab-is-tapped  Hey, guys, this is my first article on flutter. So if you love the article then please give a thumb up! Now attach the above create a controller to that Tabs we created in the bottom attribute of…

My root view controller is a UITabBarController. I', Apr 8, 2017 - My root view controller is a UITabBarController. I'm trying to present a modal view controller over one of the tab bar controller's view controllers, but  This is quite a common question, but after trying a lot to fix the issue, finally I have decided to post it on I have a tab bar based app. The tab bar is loaded in AppDelegate.m as follows: self.tabBarController.viewControllers = @[viewController1, viewController2 , viewController3

  • I used global variable. Thanks
  • Hey, Were you to able to solve this issue. I'm facing the same issue. :|
  • @YashBedi, yes, I set the modal presentation style to default one. In my case modal presentation style was changed from a default one by an accident