can't login or reset password to openshift account

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openshift will not let me login or change my password. i created an account under the free openshift version at which time i could create a test app. after logging out and then trying to login it responds with a bad credentials message(password or login). i try to reset my password but i don't receive a confirmation email. i tried recreating a new account and still did not receive confirmation email. i send various help requests to to redhat but all responsees are the same asking me to verify accuracy of information, check spam box, and other things. these are robot generated responses from redhat because they do no refer to my specific help requests. i am going to give it one more try with help here, but if no luck i will move on to other paas. we are ready to deploy and can't waste time with external problems.

You can reset your openshift login password:

  1. ssh to openshift server with root account.
  2. type htpasswd /etc/origin/master/htpasswd username
  3. after 2nd step it will ask for new password.
  4. no need to restart openshift service

eg: I have username called "admin2" then my command would be:

htpasswd /etc/origin/master/htpasswd admin2


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I'm using Red Hat Openshift v3.9.30, /etc/origin/master/htpasswd was not available.

Reset password using htpasswd /etc/origin/htpasswd anto.

[root@ocp1 ~]# htpasswd /etc/origin/master/htpasswd anto
htpasswd: cannot modify file /etc/origin/master/htpasswd; use '-c' to create it

[root@ocp1 ~]# htpasswd  /etc/origin/htpasswd anto
New password: 
Re-type new password: 
Updating password for user anto

And login was successful through

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