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In the Arduino GUI on windows, if I click on Sketch --> Import Library, at the bottom of the menu there is a section called "Contributed".

Unfortunately, I had misclicked and added a library I did not want to that list.

How can I remove it from that list?

The help page only mentions that "If a sketch no longer needs a library, simply delete its #include statements from the top of your code" but it does not mention how to remove the library from the list of contributed libraries.

Go to your Arduino documents directory; inside you will find a directory named "Libraries". The imported library directory will be there. Just delete it and restart the Arduino app.

Your Arduino library folder should look like this (on Windows):

  My Documents\Arduino\libraries\ArduinoParty\ArduinoParty.cpp
  My Documents\Arduino\libraries\ArduinoParty\ArduinoParty.h
  My Documents\Arduino\libraries\ArduinoParty\examples

or like this (on Mac and Linux):


The only issue with unused libraries is the trivial amount of disk space they use. They aren't loaded automatically so don't take up any application memory of the Arduino IDE.

How to Delete a Library from IDE, This folder is to be used for the libraries that come with the Arduino IDE and you should never install any libraries to that folder but some people  The folder should contain a C or C++ file with your code and a header file with your function and variable declarations. It will then appear in the Sketch | Import Library menu in the Arduino IDE. To remove a library, stop the Arduino IDE and remove the library directory from the aforementioned location.

Quote from official documentation as of August 2013:

User-created libraries as of version 0017 go in a subdirectory of your default sketch directory. For example, on OSX, the new directory would be ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/. On Windows, it would be My Documents\Arduino\libraries\. To add your own library, create a new directory in the libraries directory with the name of your library. The folder should contain a C or C++ file with your code and a header file with your function and variable declarations. It will then appear in the Sketch | Import Library menu in the Arduino IDE.

To remove a library, stop the Arduino IDE and remove the library directory from the aforementioned location.

removing a library(solved it), The Arduino IDE doesn't provide any way to remove libraries, so you'll need to do it manually by deleting the library folder. A fairly easy way to  I just installed the Adafruit CC3000 library using the library manager dialog in Arduino 1.6.3. No there's no way to remove the library from the dialog. Shouldn't this be possible?

The answer is only valid if you have not changed the "Sketchbook Location" field in Preferences. So, first, you need to open the Arduino IDE and go to the menu

"File -> Preferences"

In the dialog, look at the field "Sketchbook Location" and open the corresponding folder. The "libraries" folder in inside.

Deleting previously uploaded Libraries, I tried to remove the files from the folder (even deleting the folder) but I still have the library name in the menu, and when I click on it nothing is  To use a library in a sketch, select it from the Sketch > Import Library menu. This will insert one or more #include statements at the top of the sketch and compile the library with your sketch. Because libraries are uploaded to the board with your sketch, they increase the amount of space it takes up.

I had to look for them in C:\Users\Dell\AppData\Local\Arduino15\

I had to take help from the "date created" and "date modified" attributes to identify which libraries to delete.

But the names still show in the IDE... But it is something I can live with for now.

[SOLVED] Removing a library from the IDE, Delete the User -> AppData -> Local -> Arduino15 folder to remove all the preferences. Uninstall Arduino IDE. Install a fresh one. How to remove/delete a board from Arduino IDE

I have found that from version 1.8.4 on, the libraries can be found in ~/Arduino/Libraries. Hope this helps anyone else.

How do I reset my libraries back to original condition?, If you want to remove a library manually from the Arduino IDE then you need to find your libraries folder. If your not sure where it is then go to “File->Preferences”​  To install a new library into your Arduino IDE you can use the Library Manager (available from IDE version 1.6.2). Open the IDE and click to the "Sketch" menu and then Include Library > Manage Libraries . Then the Library Manager will open and you will find a list of libraries that are already installed or ready for installation. In this

Removing libraries manually, Of course you have always been able to delete library files off your computer outside the Arduino IDE. That's completely off topic. @bperrybap  Select the item in your library panel and then click Delete in the Library section of the Home ribbon tab. This displays a window, confirming that you'd like to permanently delete the item. Click

No way to remove library from the library manager dialog. · Issue , To remove an installed library, you need to navigate to Finder | Documents | Arduino | Librararies (on OSX).Or My Documents | Arduino | Libraries (on Windows). Basically all you have to do is go to in the top menu of the Arduino IDE and choose: Sketch –> Include Library –> Manage Libraries. Then search for the library by name… If found, all you have to do is select the version of the library you want to install and click : “Install”.

Removing a library - Learning C for Arduino, Right click the arduino application "". Navigate to the libraries folder (contents > Java > libraries) and delete or re-name Just got my Starter-kit​!

  • Libraries do not only claim disk space. They also claim a name. Thus no other library can use the same name unless the first library is removed. In addition the library will always show up in the pick list thus increasing the amount of time you need to pick any library. What I want to point out is that removing a library may have more reasons than conserving disk utilization.
  • I didn't want to start a new topic on this but when I try this option, the library still exists. I am using the arduino IDE version 1.6.6. Any extra advice?