Is there an issue with the oracle dependency?

oracle 10g maven dependency
oracle maven dependency for spring boot
com oracle ucp
the pom for com oracle weblogic ojdbc7 jar 12.1 3 0 0 is missing no dependency information available
ojdbc14 maven dependency
oracle maven repository
com springsource oracle jdbc

When I try to use the oracle dependency -


I receive a compile time build error - "Missing artifact". This error is displayed when I hover over error marker (left of ) in attached image -

Is there an issue with this dependency or something I'm doing wrong ?

There is no such artifact in maven central repository: (only pom).

I guess due to some licensing issues you must download the file manually from JDBC, SQLJ, Oracle JPublisher and Universal Connection Pool (UCP) download page.

Problems with Oracle's Maven Central libraries, 0.0 it ended up including ojdbc8- Aurelije mentioned on your blog post that this was because ucp- has a dependency on ojdbc8-  Issue. Resolving dependency convergence warnings with jackson modules when using coherence management, metrics and/or rest.

I followed these steps and solved (for version

  1. Add dependency with maven to your pom.
  2. Download the missing file that maven can't find
  3. Put the downloaded file into the repository: .m2\repository\com\oracle\ojdbc14\\
  4. Refresh pom.xml and the error message should be gone.

Dependencies Among Schema Objects, Introduction to Dependency Issues. Some types of schema objects can reference other objects as part of their definition. For example, a view is defined by a  In more complex systems, Oracle must manage dependencies in distributed environments across a network (remote dependency management). For example, an Oracle Forms trigger can depend on a schema object in the database. In a distributed database, a local view's defining query can reference a remote table.

Install the required jar as follows:

  1. Copy ojdbc14.jar to D:\
  2. Go to D:\ and execute the following maven command:

D:>mvn install:install-file -Dfile=ojdbc14.jar -DartifactId=ojdbc14 -Dversion= -Dpackaging=jar

  1. add dependency pom.xml


for detail see :

Error: Couldn't resolve dependencies, Not autho, Hello, I am getting this error when I am trying to use the repository. I have accepted the license terms. I have copied the Any  Oracle tracks dependencies between objects. It does not track dependencies within objects. When you reference a column in a table dependency is set between your object and that table not table column. Same way with packages.

I took the route of manually downloading the oracle ojdb14 jar and pom file, but instead of manually adding them to my local repo, I used maven:

    § mvn install:install-file -Dfile=ojdbc14- -DpomFile=ojdbc14-

This insured they were correctly installed in my local repo (see

Oracle Dependency Management, Introduction to Dependency Issues. Some types of schema objects can reference other objects as part of their definition. For example, a view is defined by a  Actually created service request about this issue, and as result Oracle Support recommended the following ways to avoid dependencies between composites:---a) For composite (calling) to composite (called) interactions, it is a best practice to have the import refer to an abstract wsdl (called composite) and not a concrete one to avoid loading issues.

Try this working fine in oracle maven dependency

<!-- Repository for ORACLE ojdbc6. -->


Schema Object Dependencies, Because of this automatic dependency management, A never uses an obsolete version of B, and you If not, the compiler issues appropriate error messages. There are a lot of dependency among packages in our database. Sometimes, when developers push a new version of a core package (changed its spec), it will invalid some other packages. Since we are an online retailer, we constantly have customers activities that need call packages. And sometimes, oracle was unable to recompile invalid package in time.

Understanding Schema Object Dependency, If the definition of object A references object B, then A depends on B. This chapter explains dependencies among schema objects, and how Oracle Database  The ora_rowscn provides the System Change Number (SCN) associated with each individual row in a table when it was read. One thing to note, by default Oracle will not track SCN's at the row level in a table, so you need to enable row level dependency tracking by using the ROWDEPENDENCIES keyword in the CREATE TABLE command.

Ask TOM "Dependency", Developers and DBAs get help from Oracle experts on: Dependency. But the problem is it works in my case but if I ran it in my actual development  there is no dependency here - think about it, there are just strings, strings whose values are set at runtime. There is no dependency whatsoever between your table and this procedure, the are completely independent of each other. This is why dynamic sql in PLSQL should be the path of last recourse.

Oracle JDBC Frequently Asked Questions, Are there any Oracle Database Cloud Service related documents for Java developers I'm getting OutofMemory Error when I set a higher default prefetch value. The dba_dependencies view describes all dependencies in the database between procedures, packages, functions, package bodies, and triggers, including dependencies on views created without any database links. Also, see these scripts that use dba_dependencies to find all tables that are inside stored procedures and functions.

  • What IDE do you use? Can you build on the command line, i.e. by calling Maven directly?
  • I am using m2eclipse. But I can also build from the command line
  • Perhaps it pays off to run a local maven repository as a mirror. This enables you to include artifacts that are not available in "official" repos in your own repo.
  • Why would a POM file exist if there no such available jar file, what is the use ? Is it so as "migu" states, I can host the file in my own repository using a standardized pom file. How is a pom file entry with no corresponding artifact/jar useful ?
  • @migu: maybe the authors of the artifact wanted to suggest/enforce naming convention of groupId/artifactId while the JAR itself has to be downloaded manually (and uploaded with suggested naming?) Still, this is unexpected
  • i have the same error, i downloaded the file manually and placed next to the corresponding pom in the local maven directory, but the error wont go away. anything else i need to do?
  • There are lot of items in repositories that only host the pom. Reason is that you can use poms to calculate dependencies, work out parent pom relationships etc. This is needed time to time even when actual .jar cannot be provided for whichever reason.
  • Tried everything else and only this WORKED! Thank you.
  • For license reasons Oracle does not publish its drivers on Maven Central. First download the file ojdbc14.jar (by ex) from Then If you do a cd in the directory where the jar was downloaded you can run exactly the same command in Linux and Windows. mvn install:install-file -Dfile=ojdbc14.jar -DartifactId=ojdbc14 -Dversion= -Dpackaging=jar
  • After you have executed mvn install you will find the file ojdbc14- into the local repository.(.m2/repository/com/oracle/ojdbc14/
  • My pom.xml had groupId, not After making the necessary changes, it worked!
  • Why does it has to be D:\? It could be any directory.
  • I've search for the repository you have mentioned in the example. Well it reveals to be the "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" ... mmmhhh, it's not a trustful source.
  • The site is not available.