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Is there a way to update a spreadsheet in real time while it is open in Excel? I have a workbook called Example.xlsx which is open in Excel and I have the following python code which tries to update cell B1 with the string 'ID':

import openpyxl

wb = openpyxl.load_workbook('Example.xlsx')
sheet = wb['Sheet']
sheet['B1'] = 'ID'


On running the script I get this error:

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'Example.xlsx'

I know its because the file is currently open in Excel, but was wondering if there is another way or module I can use to update a sheet while its open.

I have actually figured this out and its quite simple using xlwings. The following code opens an existing Excel file called Example.xlsx and updates it in real time, in this case puts in the value 45 in cell B2 instantly soon as you run the script.

import xlwings as xw

wb = xw.Book('Example.xlsx')
sht1 = wb.sheets['Sheet']
sht1.range('B2').value = 45

How to Program an Excel Spreadsheet to Auto-Update From the Web, All" in the "Connections" group and select "Connection Properties" in the drop-down list. The "Connection Properties" dialog box opens. One thing to keep in mind here is the fact that you’re using from_rows=True when adding the data. This argument makes the chart plot row by row instead of column by column. In your sample data, you see that each product has a row with 12 values (1 column per month). That’s why you use from_rows.

You've already worked out why you can't use openpyxl to write to the .xlsx file: it's locked while Excel has it open. You can't write to it directly, but you can use win32com to communicate with the copy of Excel that is running via its COM interface.

You can download win32com from https://github.com/mhammond/pywin32 .

Use it like this:

from win32com.client import Dispatch
xlApp = Dispatch("Excel.Application")

At this point, ws is a reference to a worksheet object that you can change. The objects you get back aren't Python objects but a thin Python wrapper around VBA objects that obey their own conventions, not Python's.

There is some useful if rather old Python-oriented documentation here: http://timgolden.me.uk/pywin32-docs/contents.html

There is full documentation for the object model here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/wss56bz7.aspx but bear in mind that it is addressed to VBA programmers.

Chapter 12 – Working with Excel Spreadsheets, Real Time Data (or RTD) is data that updates asynchronously, according to its own in the same way as other worksheet functions using the xl_func decorator. Traders use real-time stock quotes to choose the right time to buy and sell, and that real-time data can be access directly in Excel. Rather than have to click a button to refresh stock prices, this blog will show you how with a little bit of Python code you can stream real-time data directly into Excel.

You can't change an Excel file that's being used by another application because the file format does not support concurrent access.

Read Excel with Pandas - Python Tutorial, CSV files are not like other spreadsheet files though, because they don't First, open a new Python file and import the Python CSV module. python: update dataframe to existing excel sheet without overwriting contents on the same sheet and other sheets. Struggling for this for hours so I decided to ask for help from experts here: I want to modify existing excel sheet without overwriting content. I have other sheets in this excel file and I don't want to impact other sheets.

If you want to stream real time data into Excel from Python, you can use an RTD function. If you've ever used the Bloomberg add-in use for accessing real time market data in Excel then you'll be familiar with RTD functions.

The easiest way to write an RTD function for Excel in Python is to use PyXLL. You can read how to do it in the docs here: https://www.pyxll.com/docs/userguide/rtd.html

There's also a blog post showing how to stream live tweets into Excel using Python here: https://www.pyxll.com/blog/a-real-time-twitter-feed-in-excel/

If you wanted to write an RTD server to run outside of Excel you have to register it as a COM server. The pywin32 package includes an example that shows how to do that, however it only works for Excel prior to 2007. For 2007 and later versions you will need this code https://github.com/pyxll/exceltypes to make that example work (see the modified example from pywin32 in exceltypes/demos in that repo).

Real Time Data, Windows 10 0.12.1, Office 365, Python 3.7 I want to build a real time xlwings and excel communication till the user stops updating sheet. The method we need in order to open the Excel document is load_workbook(). If you are wondering what is meant by a workbook, it is simply the Excel spreadsheet document. The script that we thus need to open an Excel document is as follows: Let's now see the type returned from the load_workbook() method.

A Guide to Excel Spreadsheets in Python With openpyxl – Real Python, For realtime control you can use PythonWin32 and control a running If you want the excel user to initiate actions you'll need to install an  In the 2nd subsection of the "Writing Excel files", it is written that Worksheets Worksheets are created with the add_sheet method of the Workbook class. To retrieve an existing sheet from a Workbook, use its get_sheet method. This method is particularly useful when the Workbook has been instantiated by xlutils.copy. – Oliver W. Nov 16 '14 at 14:25

How to create, read, update and search through Excel files using , The openpyxl module allows your Python programs to read and modify Excel The sheet the user is currently viewing (or last viewed before closing Excel) is called the backward compatible with the instructions in this book for quite some time. The last two lines of code perform the actual calculation work, incrementing  That way, if the data changes online, you can update it by refreshing it in Excel. To refresh the data, right-click a cell with the linked data type and click Data Type > Refresh. That will refresh the cell you selected, plus any other cells that have that same data type.

Real Time Cell updates in Excel make working in excel laggy · Issue , Using Python you will stream real-time data directly into Excel Stock will see how to use that to make a spreadsheet that updates in real-time. If you know Python or want to try your hand at it, PyXLL is definitely worth a look. And if you want to get real time data into Excel it looks like a good solution. Using Python it's also possible to get real time data using sockets, and you can bring real time data into Power BI with PubNUb.