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I need to merge a Map instance w/ an object. This didn't work:

> map = new Map([ ['foo', 1] ])
Map { 'foo' => 1 }
> Object.assign({}, map)

Looks like Object.assign doesn't like maps.

Is there a nice, es6 way for converting maps to objects?

You can convert it to an array via Array.from or the spread operator, then reduce that to an object, using the existing object as the initial value.

This will prefer the Map keys over any existing object keys.

const map = new Map([ ['foo', 1] ])
const mergeSource = {foo: 3, bar: 4}

const obj = [].reduce((o, [k,v]) => ({...o, [k]: v}), mergeSource)

Convert a Map to a regular object, You can convert it to an array via Array.from or the spread operator, then reduce that to an object, using the existing object as the initial value. We used map's keySet () method to get all the keys and created an ArrayList keyList from them. Likewise, we used map's values () method to get all the values and created an ArrayList valueList from them. Example 2: Convert Map to List using stream. import java.util.*; import; public class MapList { public static void

Surprisingly, I couldn't find a cleaner way than iterating through the entries and building up an object:

const map = new Map([ ['foo', 1], ['bar', 2] ]);

const output = {};
for (const [key, value] of map) {
  output[key] = value;

Converting ES6 Maps to and from JSON, String Maps as JSON via objects #. Whenever a Map only has strings as keys, you can convert it to JSON by encoding it as an object. Converting  I have a Map Object and the data in map is like col1 -> data1, col2 -> data2, col3 -> data3 Is it possible to convert this Map to Java Object like class MapObj { String col1 =

There is not a builtin method but you can do something like

let map = new Map([ ['foo', 1] ]);

let obj = { bar: 2 };

const merge = (map, obj2) => {
   return Object.assign({}, obj2, ...Array.from(map).map(([k, v]) => ({[k]: v})));

console.log(merge(map, obj));

JS: Convert Object to/from Map, Here's a function that converts object to map data type. /* [ xah_obj_to_map(obj) convert obj to map datatype. Return a map instance. Map to Object. Object.fromEntries(map) → convert a map to object. [see JS: Object.fromEntries] Here's a function that converts map to object data type. /* [ xah_map_to_obj ( myMap ) converts map instance myMap to object datatype. Return a new object. myMap is not changed. Assume keys are strings.

Iterate through entries and add them to your object. This assumes keys as string. If not, they would be automatically converted to string

const to_obj = ( map => {
    const obj = {};
    map.forEach ((v,k) => { obj[k] = v });
    return obj;

// --------------------------------------------------
// test
const m = new Map([["a", 1], ["b", 2], ["c", 3]]);
console.log ( to_obj (m) );
// { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 }

Converting Objects to Map and Back, Check out this tutorial to learn how to convert data objects to Maps, and then back again, using the Java::Geci code generation tool. We know that Map contains key-value pairs, whereas a list contains only objects. Since Entry class contains both key-value pair, Entry class will helps us to convert from Map (HashMap) to List (ArrayList). By using Map.entrySet() you will get Set object, which intern you can use it to convert to list object.

Map and object: converting nested objects, To retrieve the data from the file, we'll use JSON.parse() to convert the string to an object and then we convert that object to a Map. The function entries() of Object,  I have a Multivalued map (<String, String>) which I want to convert to regular HashMap so I got below code: private Map<String, String> Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share

Map and Set, a numeric key map . set ( true , 'bool1' ) ; // a boolean key // remember the regular Object? it would convert keys to string // Map keeps the type  Object vs Map in a happy way. You may wonder — why Map vs Object but not Map vs Array, or Object vs Set? Well, you can also compare between any of the two, but Map and Object, unlike others

Object.fromEntries(), Examples. Converting a Map to an Object. With Object.fromEntries , you can convert from Map to Object : const map = new Map([ ['foo', 'bar'],  Step 1 – Open up the screenshot or the PDF file of the Google Map image you want to convert. Scan2CAD can handle most raster image and PDF file formats, but if you did end up exporting a PDF file in the previous part, there’s an extra step involved.

  • That's a good point to make about the Map keys. A Map could have keys 1 and "1" but the final object will only support string keys