How to configure cache expiry to none and overflowToDisk="false" in ehcache 3.5 version?

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In ehcache 2.x version I have following configuration.

<cache name="basicCache"

Following is the corresponding ehcache 3.x version.

<ehcache:cache alias="basicCache">
            <ehcache:heap unit=entries">400</ehcache:heap>

can someone help me to configure below attributes in ehcache 3.5.2 version.

eternal="true" and overflowToDisk="false"

For setting eternal to true, which means the timeouts are ignored and cache will never expire. You can set this by setting expiry as none. Something like below,

<cache alias="backupCache">
        <heap unit="entries">100</heap>

Hope this helps :)

CacheConfiguration (ehcache 2.10.2 API), Configuration for the BootstrapCacheLoaderFactoryConfiguration. static class Builder which sets the interval in seconds between runs of the disk expiry thread. the cache. void, setOverflowToDisk(boolean overflowToDisk) Parameters: clearOnFlush - true to clear on flush; Returns: this configuration instance; See Also:  17 Cache Configurations by Example. This section provides a series of basic cache scheme definitions that can be used or modified as required. See Chapter 12, "Configuring Caches," for detailed instructions on how to configure caches.

overflowToDisk concept has been removed from the ehcache 3.x version.Refer this link for more details!topic/ehcache-users/FFHHhRW5hdg

CacheConfiguration (Ehcache Core 2.6.9 API), Best Java code snippets using net.sf.ehcache.config. NONE)) .​timeToIdleSeconds(120) .timeToLiveSeconds(0) .eternal(false) . overflowToDisk(overflowToDisk) .eternal(eternal) . diskExpiryThreadIntervalSeconds(0) .persistence(new  We recommend to set cache expiry time to far future to increase your cache hit ratio and to improve the CDN performance. Setting cache expiry time in your application. You can set cache expiry time in your web server configuration. This configuration is usually on a file type basis. An example how to set cache expiry time in Apache .htaccess

And you don't have to configure overflowToDisk="false" because is disable by default as mentioned on link below

net.sf.ehcache.config.CacheConfiguration.timeToLiveSeconds java , Configuring cache settings follows the same pattern as other configuration in Broadleaf. With the Broadleaf Enterprise license caches are expired whenever you If you click on a specific MBean you can hit the removeAll button to clear the cache: maxElementsInMemory="100000" eternal="false" overflowToDisk="​true"  Writes to disk happen when efficient, and cache operations proceed without waiting for acknowledgement of writing to disk. After a restart, the cache is recovered as it was when last synced. This option is faster than synchronousWrites="true", but after a crash, the last 2-3 seconds of written data may be lost.

Caching - Documentation, Cache element expiry does not seem to work properly when the JCache API is used with a cache that is configured through ehcache.xml. ehcache.xml: maxEntriesLocalHeap="123" eternal="false" overflowToDisk="false" Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. None yet. 4 participants​. Pinning of caches or specific elements is discussed in Pinning, Expiration, and Eviction. Cache Warming for multi-tier Caches (Ehcache 2.5 and higher) When a cache starts up, the stores are always empty. Ehcache provides a BootstrapCacheLoader mechanism to overcome this. The BootstrapCacheLoader is run before the cache is set to alive.

Expiration configured in ehcache.xml in not honoured · Issue #26 , The expiration time, in seconds, for non-durable messages in the secondary in the client cache. Note: This is a required property with no default setting. none disk by implementing LRU eviction-attributes with an action of overflow to disk. You can configure the Interact runtime servers in a server group to use a multicast address for sharing cache data. This is referred to as a distributed cache . The cacheType parameter specifies whether you are using the built-in EHCache caching mechanism in local (stand-alone) mode or distributed (as with a runtime server group).

<cache> Element Reference, To make a cache eternal, set the following property for the cache in ehcache.xml: eternal="true". Additionally, maintain timeToLive configuration  Disk stores are configured on a per CacheManager basis. If one or more caches requires a disk store but none is configured, a default directory is used and a warning message is logged to encourage explicit configuration of the disk store path.

  • You say "overflowToDisk concept has been removed from the ehcache 3.x version". It seems like that is the basis of the question. Instead of simply linking to an external resource could you please describe exactly how the question is answered and use the link as a reference?