Spring Boot gives "TemplateInputException: Error resolving template" when running from jar

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I have an app that works perfectly when started within IntelliJ or via gradle bootRun.

however, if I do gradle bootRepackage and then try and run the resulting jar, I end up with:

2014-12-02 21:46:14.086 ERROR 9839 --- [nio-2014-exec-2] org.thymeleaf.TemplateEngine             : [THYMELEAF][http-nio-2014-exec-2] Exception processing template "/login": Error resolving template "/login", template might not exist or might not be accessible by any of the configured Template Resolvers
2014-12-02 21:46:14.087 ERROR 9839 --- [nio-2014-exec-2] o.a.c.c.C.[.[.[/].[dispatcherServlet]    : Servlet.service() for servlet [dispatcherServlet] in context with path [] threw exception [Request processing failed; nested exception is org.thymeleaf.exceptions.TemplateInputException: Error resolving template "/login", template might not exist or might not be accessible by any of the configured Template Resolvers] with root cause

org.thymeleaf.exceptions.TemplateInputException: Error resolving template "/login", template might not exist or might not be accessible by any of the configured Template Resolvers
    at org.thymeleaf.TemplateRepository.getTemplate(TemplateRepository.java:245)
    at org.thymeleaf.TemplateEngine.process(TemplateEngine.java:1104)
    at org.thymeleaf.TemplateEngine.process(TemplateEngine.java:1060)
    at org.thymeleaf.TemplateEngine.process(TemplateEngine.java:1011)
    at org.thymeleaf.spring4.view.ThymeleafView.renderFragment(ThymeleafView.java:335)

I can see that the jar has /templates/** contained in it. the content looks OK to me.

One possible(?) factor may be that I use an html page referring to a layout, thus:


I can confirm that the file IS in the jar.

/login is defined thusly:

public void addViewControllers(ViewControllerRegistry registry) {

and I have spring security configured as:

public class WebSecurityConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {

public void configure(WebSecurity security) {

protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {

I think that's all that might be relevant to this issue...

I have seen https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/issues/112 and Proper location of Thymeleaf views for Spring (amongst others). These resources notwithstanding, I have not been successful at getting template resolution working.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

To have come so far with Spring Boot yet to have stumbled at the last hurdle (near-final deployment) is vexatious.

I had same problem using spring boot with thymeleaf by default configuration. All worked until I have to try .jar

message says: ... org.thymeleaf.exceptions.TemplateInputException: Error resolving template "/fragments/footer"

I solved playing with / , problem was that they don't need the slash.

I Changed this:

<footer class="footers" th:replace="/fragments/footer :: footer">

for this:

<footer class="footers" th:replace="fragments/footer :: footer">

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The answer seems to be here: https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/issues/1744

In a nutshell: if a resouce path contains '//', things go awry.

The fix is to modify application.yml thusly:

    prefix: classpath:/templates

(the fix is similar for a .properties file, of course)

The knock-on effect is that all references to templates or whatever need to be preceeded by a slash, as in (Thymeleaf .html file):


or (Groovy controller):

@RequestMapping(value = "/home", method = RequestMethod.GET)
def home(Model model, Principal principal) {


I think that spring boot should fix this. Urgently. This is REALLY bad ergonomics that blows up badly, just at the point where one feels like one is nearing final deployment.

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Okay, I found where you have to take a close look. In your Controller classes, when you use @RequestMapping on class, no leading slash (e.g. @RequestMapping("property")). On Method you need a leading slash (e.g. @GetMapping("/list")) and the return value no leading slash (e.g. return "property/list";)

An Example Snippet

public class PropertyController {
    @NonNull PropertyService service;

    public String list() {
        return "property/list";

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I faced the issue when using the spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf dependency

So I have used the below dependency instead,


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If the above solutions don't work for you, like me,

I changed my Controller to a RestController. It fixed my issue.

This is, if you are using a Front End App like Angular to talk to your Back-end application.

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Spring Boot Quick Start 5 - What Spring Boot gives us, Swagger UI empty and gives 403. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. I'm using spring boot security and I added this to my security configuration:

  • Nothing obvious is jumping out at me and Spring Boot has a sample the uses Thymeleaf with a layout (github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/tree/master/…) so I don't think that's the problem. Perhaps looking at the sample could help spot a difference in your app's setup?
  • I encounter the same error and was able to fix it because of your answer, so thank you.
  • Thanks for posting this. What finally worked for me was to add the trailing slash to my property. spring.thymeleaf.prefix=classpath:/templates/
  • Unfortunately this didnt fix for me, have exact same problem. Eclipse works, with executable jar cant resolve template ... :-(
  • I got the same issue "org.thymeleaf.exceptions.TemplateInputException: Error resolving template "ui/applications", template might not exist or might not be accessible by any of the configured Template Resolvers" when deploying spring boot admin in weblogic. I can login successfully, but the request "/admin/ui/applications" to get the list of services got the issue. I have tried adding the configuration above "spring.thymeleaf.prefix: classpath:/templates" but didn't work. Any configuration to resolve this?
  • Welcome to SO, please describe your answer with more detail like bring some code sample, then users can understand your answer better