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I'm trying to change the radius and color of the blushing blue circle that's created around a current user's location a MapKit? After searching for answers I found an old question Change User Location Blue Pulsing Circle Radius but the answer is an old objective-C service that costs money. Is there anything new in swift that would make this task easier, or is there a way to just remove the pulsing blue circle all together

The blue color for the user location is based on the tint color of your map view, changing this will set the new color for the user location circle.

mapView.tintColor = [UIColor redColor];

mapView.tintColor = redColor() 

If you wish to remove or replace the user location circle with something different you can change the didAnnotation delegate method.

-(void)mapView:(MKMapView *)mapView didAddAnnotationViews:(NSArray *)views
    MKAnnotationView *usrLoc = [mapView viewForAnnotation:mapView.userLocation];
    usrLoc.hidden = YES;

in maps there is a huge blue circle aroun…, How do I remove the blue circle on Google Maps? I've scoured the web and haven't found a way to customize the color of the blue pulsing ring around the user's location on a map. Does anyone know a way to customize the color of the pulsing ring?

You cannot change the radius since it represents the GPS accuracy.

What are those blue circles and pins?, The smaller the circle, the more certain the app is about your location. Notes: If the blue dot is not showing, or the dot is gray, this means that we  Pulsing blue circle behind the cursor On powering up the blue circle behind the cursor pulses regularly together with the thumbnail and blue header which pulse alternatively and I cannot use the keyboard during one of these pulse cycles which occur about every 3 seconds which makes it impossible to type anything! I have 'solved' this

In swift 4, I choosed a clear color so it is less anoying than a red or blue color to see below the map's details.

        mapView.tintColor = UIColor.clear

What is the purpose of the big blue location circle around the current , Set this property to true to determine the user's location and make it visible on the map as a pulsing blue dot annotation. Set this property to false to remove the  This video does not diagnose the reason behind the blue circle. It just shows you how to make it go away, which is what most of you want. A good majority of the time, the cause behind the circle

The light blue circle around a location sharing icon what does this , The little blue dot pinpointing my location on the map is one of the It got the positioning accuracy information showed with the light blue circle  Windows 10 cursor lagging /freezing issue solved. As the title states, this tutorial will apply to users of Hewlett-Packard (HP) computers. Fix Spinning Blue Circle Next to Mouse Cursor: If you

showsUserLocation, Setup; Normal operation; Changing connection. Setup Solid Blue. Canary is ready for setup. Pulsing Blue*. Canary is ready to pair with a device via Bluetooth​. working in Publisher 2007when i finish article and go to print a small blue spinning circle appears at each command, turns work palo, and lasts a LONG time. ex: when i enter print and go to change the printer say from inkjet to laser the spinning cirle appears..when it stops and i go to indicte page to appears..then say i amd ready

Google Maps get redesign of the blue dot showing your position , Blue marks the spot: When you press the Current Location button, a blue dot Get rid of a dropped pin by touching the white arrow in the blue circle (officially called a Disclosure Control but you can think of it as the Details button), then tapping Delete Pin. iPhone 4S users can use Siri to make Maps even easier to use. 1 Answer 1. This will effectively disable the the blue dot. If you have Google Maps or Google Earth installed, you can also disable the location services for those apps as well. You will find each app that uses location services listed under the main on/off switch.

  • The MapBox developer is charging for their new 2.0 version, but the legacy SDK is still available for free on GitHub:…
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  • Can you change the color, or at least remove it all together?