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I'm sorry for the intrusion, but I have a question that seems no one asked before.

I want to know if there is a formula for Conditional Formatting in spreadsheet to highlight certain cell, if a duplicate of certain text came in sequence in the same row.

  A                 B     C     D    E    F 
                    26    27    28   29   30
 deni               V     X     X    V    X

In the above example, I want to highlight the name "deni" when there are 2 "X"'s that came in sequence, which was the case at the 27 and 28 date.

Is there any formula for this? I have tried =OR(B2=C2,C2=D2) but it only works for 2 cells (B2&C2) with any text (not the "X" only).

Here is an example of the spreadsheet

PS: i'm sorry, i used excel tag before. but i need this formula to work in google spreadsheet. my bad, sorry

Conclusion: My Question have been answered, i used both formulas from I'-'I and Tom Sharpe and it worked like a charm. Many thanks to the people that responded My Question :)


Apply to:


Identifying Duplicate Values in an Excel List, Modern versions, including Excel 2007 and later, provide this capabi. to learn more ways to identify duplicate items an Excel spreadsheets. Now go to the Home tab –> Styles Group –> Conditional Formatting –> New Rule…. The New Formatting Rule dialogue box pops up. Select “Use a formula to determine which cells to format” and the formula is the following: The first equal sign is to denote that we’re going to enter a formula.



Use conditional formatting to highlight duplicate data across several , Excel sheet settings: Cell format = "General"; Font = Calibri, Size = 11; Cell Protection = Unlocked; Cell formats were cleared before entering  Select the first cell in the first row you’d like to format, click the “Conditional Formatting” button in the “Styles” section of the “Home” tab, and then select “Manage Rules” from the dropdown menu. In the “Conditional Formatting Rules Manager” window, click the “New Rule” button.

If you want to check if there is a duplicate text (not the "X"), you can use:


1 means true, 0 means false. This is because if there is at least one duplicate text, the sum of all the texts' appearance times will greater than the count of all the texts (if not they will be equal).

To be highlight a certain cell, here is deni, you can use Conditional Formatting -> Highlight Cell Rules -> More Rules -> use a formula to datemine which cells to format, and then paste the formula above in the cell.

Excel conditional formatting formulas, Excel formula to highlight duplicates including 1st occurrences find the value nearest to some other number in your Excel sheet, just replace  Highlighting the consecutive or non-consecutive numbers from a long column may help you to identify the missing numbers in the sequence number, and this article, I will talk about how to highlight the consecutive or non-consecutive numbers in Excel? Highlight consecutive or non-consecutive numbers from a column with Conditional Formatting.

Step1:Select the range of cells you want to apply conditional formatting to.

Step2:On the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting.

Step3:Point to Highlight Cells Rules, Go on More Rules...

Step4:Choose Use a formula... Paste the following one,


Step5:Format how you want to highlight

Step6:Click OK and Apply

Hope this helps you.

Note: Change the range in the formula as per your data.

How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel, How to View and Edit Conditional Formatting Rules; Rule Order Matters Highlighting duplicates in Google Sheets requires using a custom  In this tutorial, you will learn how to show duplicates in Excel. We are going to have a close look at different methods to shade duplicate cells, entire rows, or consecutive dupes using conditional formatting. Also, you will see how to highlight duplicates with different colors using a specialized tool. Last week, we explored different ways to

How To Highlight Duplicates in Google Sheets, If Sheets does everything you need it to do, then you don't need to buy Excel. errors in your work without an obvious source for where the problem is coming from. Your spreadsheet will now highlight your duplicate cells in red, and you can As Claire said in July 2019 above, in order for mine to work correctly, I had to  You could then set up conditional formatting for each of the expected values in the columns with a different formatting for each you would need to also use the add condition for each of the columns that you are testing against.. So if you had a number of Rows all coloured the same then they would be duplicates. Not tried it but it should work.

Conditional Formatting Across Multiple Cells in Excel, Highlight all of the cells in the sheet to which you'll apply the formatting rules. Do NOT select headings. Click Conditional Formatting. Follow these steps: Select one or more cells in a range, table, or PivotTable report. On the Home tab, in the Style group, click the small arrow for Conditional Formatting, and then click Highlight Cells Rules, and select Duplicate Values. Enter the values that you want to use, and then choose a format.

How to find Identifying Duplicate values in Excel column?, But – how quickly to find duplicates in Excel and to highlight them with color? For example we are engaging by check orders, which coming into the firm through Fax There can be such situation that the same order was by the two channels of Printing sheets · Databases and XML · Excel features · Settings and Options  1. Select the range with the data you want to format. 2. Create a new conditional formatting rule with clicking Conditional Formatting > New Rule under Home tab. 3. In the New Formatting Rule dialog box, you can: 1). Select Use a formula to determine which cells to format in the Select a Rule Type box; 2).

  • Is this an excel question, or a google sheets question?
  • it's google sheet question. i'm sorry because the formula sometimes the same with excel.