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I started using Visual Studio Code, and I was trying to save my test project into GitHub, but Visual Studio Code is always asking for my GitHub credentials.

I have installed in my PC GitHub Desktop and also Git, I already ran:

 git config --global credential.helper wincred

but still Visual Studio Code is asking for the credentials.

Any help?

here is my .gitconfig file located in the user profile folfer:

    [filter "lfs"]
    clean = git-lfs clean %f
    smudge = git-lfs smudge %f
    required = true
    name = ddieppa
    email =
    helper = wincred

Here is the popup windows asking for the credentials:

I enter my GitHub credentials in the popup, but still getting this error in the Git output window in Visual Studio Code:

remote: Anonymous access to ddieppa/LineOfBizApp.git denied.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

Asks for username and password each time I want to push , I'm using VSCode and Git-CMW to connect to a VSTS repo. The second time I need to ender credentials in VS Code. push without username and password prompt, but you are always prompted, then your origin remote is  Visual Studio for Mac will not save credentials for git repos on Azure DevOps. I have MFA enabled so I have tried Personal Access Tokens, SSH, even alternative git credentials. Git commands work just fine in Terminal. Any git operations in VS will get a prompt for credentials.

You should be able to set your credentials like this:

git remote set-url origin https://<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>

You can get the remote url like this:

git config --get remote.origin.url

How to stop the git login popup in vscode? : vscode, One way to avoid these prompts is to set up a credential helper which remembers Dockerize your Development Environment with Visual Studio Code A new update in March 2020 made it so that VS Code will now keep the Undo/Redo  Git credentials are not saving for me either. I'm using Visual Studio for Mac Professional 7.6.11 (build 9). This has been a problem since I started using VS Mac over a year ago. My workaround is to run VS Code and VS Mac at the same time with VS Code open to my solution directory. I do all my git stuff in VS Code.

This has been working for me: 1. Set credential hepler to store $ git config --global credential.helper store 2. then verify if you want: $ git config --global credential.helper store

Simple example when using git bash quoted from Here (works for current repo only, use --global for all repos)

$ git config credential.helper store $ git push Username: < type your username > Password: < type your password >

[several days later] $ git push [your credentials are used automatically]

Will work for VS Code too.

More detailed example and advanced usage here.

Note: Username & Passwords are not encrypted and stored in plain text format so use it on your personal computer only.

How to fix Git always asking for user credentials, Stay safe, friends. Learn to code from home. Use our free 2,000 hour curriculum. 21 July 2019 / #Git. How to fix Git always asking for user credentials  When installing git, make sure to check the box saying “Enable Git Credential Manager”, this will install and set up Git Credential Manager for Windows for you and all should work. Note “should”. Sometimes it just doesn’t and git keeps asking for your password. I’ve collected some tips for making it work again in this post.

Try installing "Git Credential Manager For Windows" (and following instructions for setting up the credential manager).

When required within an app using Git (e.g. VS Code) it will "magically" open the required dialog for Visual Studio Team Services credential input.

Configure Visual Studio to use a different Git Credential Manager for , Visual Studio ships with the Git credential Manager for Windows read Username for '': terminal prompts disabled. You can always find the latest version of the Git Credential Manager for Windows here. Install Visual Studio Code; Start it in a repository under Git version control with a remote source; Type in password for SSH key; Repeat a few minutes later; Repeat a few minutes later; Google for a solution; Try solution; Type in password; Try restarting VS Code; Type in password; Type in password; GOTO 6

All I had to do was to run this command:

git config --global credential.helper wincred

Then I was prompted for password twice.

Next time it worked without prompting me for password.

Version Control in Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Code source code support with integrated Git support. You would then paste that URL into the Git: Clone prompt. You can always set up a credential helper in order to pull and push from a remote server without having VS  VSCode should stop with the popup, the git CLI will stop asking for credentials on every use, and life will go on with one less source of obnoxious interruption. This has worked on 2 windows 10 machines (1 desktop, 1 tab-top) and (once I get back to work in the morning and test) MOST LIKELY a windows 7 laptop.

Version Controlling with Git in Visual Studio Code and GitHub , Visual Studio Code with the C# extension installed. In this task, you will configure a Git credential helper to securely store the Git credentials Commits are always made against your local Git repository, so you don't have to  Configure Visual Studio to use a different Git Credential Manager for Windows. Visual Studio ships with the Git credential Manager for Windows (GCMW) as part of its Team Explorer feature. This nifty little helper allows you to authenticate to Azure Repos among other git providers using your normal username and password and optional 2FA

When git keeps asking for my password, Sometimes it just doesn't and git keeps asking for your password. use Visual Studio Code for this (can be selected during installation of git). Visual Studio asks me to sign in every time I push or sync I'm using Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, and have Git version installed. I have two problems using this setup, and was hoping someone can help

Visual Studio asks me to sign in every time I push, I'm used to working with SVN, and I never have to do this, VS always I want to commit code, it asks me to sign in to GitHub, following which I get an of the password field - I found an old issue on GitHub relating to Visual  This will open up a File Explorer where you can then choose where the Git repository should be stored. Note: Make sure it is the forked repository and not the original one, otherwise it won’t work. You should see a status popup on the bottom right of Visual Studio Code.

  • which GItHub URL you're using? a HTTP or GIT (SSH)? If you're using HTTP URL you must include the user and password in the URL. You better use the GIT URL and add your public SSH key in the user's SSH keys list
  • @yorammi I am new working with git, so I installed Github Desktop and Git and try to save my project using Visual Studio Code, so I don't know what I am passing. How do I know that?
  • @ddieppa GitHub Desktop has a way to work with two factor authentication with a https connection. However, that breaks other tools. Like the answer said you need to now change the origin URL from https to ssh.
  • I tried that, but didn't work for me, I even use this one: $ git config --global credential.helper wincred
  • While the autofetch solution does stop the constant popup problem, it still requires entering credentials on every push and pull. If using a PC with http/s, the credential manager solution below works great.
  • things should not pop up if you haven't initiated the action, especially things asking for credentials - how do you know this is safe and not a spoof?
  • Be careful with that setting, please! It is not meant to help you remember your credentials at all. It is talking about automatically helping you git-fetch. Please have a look at for more details on that. As far as storing your credentials is concerned, use the command git config --global credential.helper cache. Have a look at for more details.
  • Suggesting that you turn off autofetch is fine as a "leave me alone" option. But it is akin to saying "If your software doesn't work, just stop using it." It is important for people to realize the difference. I would suggest that the "UPDATE" part of this answer say "IF THAT DOESN'T WORK" instead, and explain that you can get it to stop bothering you without actually fixing the problem. The part of the answer above UPDATE is actually correct (at least, following the documentation link worked for me)
  • If I have the @ in my password then what will be the url?
  • This is really nice way. One question though, where does those credentials saved in local file system?
  • In the .git\config file.
  • also note that <PASSWORD> is optional, if you don't want to save your password to local disk and want to continue to be prompted for that.
  • I have no idea why this cache just wouldn't wanna work for me on ubuntu 18.04, and vs code. store did it.