can anyone give me a sql query for the following table

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I have a table named eprism_reports and the table is as follows

In this table when I am using the query

FROM eprism_dashboard.eprism_reports 

I am getting the following Resultset

SO after getting the result set again I want to remove the duplicate TAG_NAME and in that duplicate TAG_NAME unique TAG_NAME should appear and RERUN should be max

Example: In the Resultset we are having Two tagnames duplicated name mytag I want a unique one with ReRUn should be MAX and Remaining ResultSet as usual.Please help me on this

The Expected Result Should be as follows:

9   QA_T_MOB    Approved    Passed  2018-05-15  Theft       0
10  QA_T_MOB    Denied      Passed  2018-05-15  Denied      0
11  QA_T_MOB    In Review   Passed  2018-05-15  In Review   0
12  QA_T_MOB    Approved    Failed  2018-05-15  mytag       1

I would just use subquery with correlation approach :

select e.* 
from eprism_reports e
      id = (select id 
            from eprism_reports
            where TAG_NAME = e.TAG_NAME
            order by rerun DESC
            LIMIT 1);

You can also express this as:

select e.* 
from eprism_reports e
      RERUN = (select max(RERUN) from eprism_reports where TAG_NAME = e.TAG_NAME);

How to write a SQL-Query for the following table?, Here is one method: select t.* from table t where exists (select 1 from table Given the exact requirements that you gave to us, this will give the  The query that i have tried was wrong anyone can give me correct query? Ask Question Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Select n random rows from SQL Server table. 892.

FROM eprism_dashboard.eprism_reports 

The Best SQL Examples, This is used to select the database containing the tables for your SQL statements: There are also options you can use to show data that is not a table column. The following example is similar, but it further specifies that if any of the Order By gives us a way to sort the result set by one or more of the  SQL - SELECT Query. The SQL SELECT statement is used to fetch the data from a database table which returns this data in the form of a result table. These result tables are called result-sets.

You can try a query like this =>!9/057184/1

Select Max(rerun) value for each tag group, then query you table by joining on rerun and tag column

FROM   eprism_reports t
JOIN   ( SELECT MAX(rerun) rerun
              , tag
         FROM   eprism_reports
         GROUP  BY tag ) t2
  ON( t.tag   = t2.tag
  AND t.rerun = t2.rerun ) 

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To get the highest rerun row per group you can do a self join

select a.* 
from eprism_reports a
left join eprism_reports b on a.CARRIER_NAME = b.CARRIER_NAME
                           and a.TAG_NAME = b.TAG_NAME 
                           and a.RERUN < b.RERUN
and b.CARRIER_NAME is null

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