How to resolve merge conflict in pull request in VSTS?

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I've created pull request I got into this:

"Approve" button does nothing and complete is disabled.

How do I resolve this confligt in pull request?


Microsoft just added browser based merges. This may get you out of a pickle for small conflicts.

And offers improved visualizations of the different scenarios as of Sprint 150.

For more complex situations:

You have two options to resolve the conflict, reverse-integrate the changes from the target branch (which creates additional merge commits), or rebase on the target branch (which leaves your history nice and clean).

Merge from target to current branch prior to completing the PR.

You need to clone the repo locally, perform a merge from the target branch to your branch and push those changes up to the repository. VSTS will detect the changes and update the pull request.

            -------o3              PR
---------o1-o2                     target

Thus merge target (o2) to PR:

            -------o3-o4           PR
           /          /
---------o1----------o2            target

Then complete the PR

            -------o3-o4           PR
           /          / \
---------o1----------o2--o5        target

Rebase the PR branch to include the latest changes on target

Alternatively, you can clone the repo locally, rebase the PR branch on the latest version of the target branch, solve all issues from the rebase and force-push the changes back to the PR branch. VSTS will detect the changes and update the pull request.

            -------o3              PR
---------o1-o2                     target

Thus rebase o3 onto o2:

              -------o3            PR
---------o1-o2                     target

Then complete the PR (with Fast-forward merge in the case below):

---------o1-o2-o3                  target

Resolve Git merge conflicts, Before a Git pull request can complete, any conflicts with the target branch must be resolved. With this extension, you can resolve these conflicts  After installing the extension, select the Conflicts tab from within a pull request. Look through the list of files with conflicts and select a file to resolve. Select a resolution type for that file. Navigate to the conflicted section. Edit the file to manually merge. Submit the merged file. Review changes. Notable Features

  1. Open your project with Visual Studio.
  2. Open View > Team Explorer
  3. Change to Branches tab.
  4. Double click to the branch you intend to merge (e.g. dev).
  5. Right Click > Merge From > Select Merge from branch: master, Into current branch: dev
  6. Click Merge button
  7. Choose the conflict file(s)
  8. Then resolve the conflicts. You can click the left or right checkbox for the section you want to include.
  9. Then commit the merge
  10. Done.

Pull Request Merge Conflict Extension, I hope this helps: click here. For difficult situations, you can do either one of them: 1. Resolve the conflict, reverse-integrate the changes from the  Azure DevOps - Pull Request Git “Next steps: Manually resolve these conflicts and push new changes to the source branch.” asked Jul 2, 2019 in Azure by Eresh Kumar ( 26.6k points) #git

You could do the above technique by @jessiehouwing or use the new plug-in. MicrosoftDevLabs released the link to the plugin to resolve conflicts. The link to plugin is given below

How to resolve merge conflict in pull request in VSTS?, I have created a branch named dev. I have done a pull request to send dev code to master, master. I see no options to resolve these conflicts. Now right-click on master and choose ‘Merge From…’ and pick feature-branch as your source and master as the target. Make sure to select ‘Commit changes after merging’ to commit the changes straight away, thus bypassing the Pull Request. Click ‘Merge’. Step 5. Now Visual Studio will tell you there’s a merge conflict.

Azure DevOps, git checkout master $ git pull origin release/2 <resolve merge conflicts and commit> $ git push. 2) Resolve them with a pull request. To do this, you would create  To help with this, they built a VSTS extension that enables you to do merge conflict resolution directly in the browser, as part of the Pull Request UI, validate it with the PR build and tests and commit it without having to get and enlistment and do everything locally.

Azure DevOps Pull Request: Merge Conflict, Try this solution: Pull Request Merge Conflict Extension. It helps to resolve conflicts inside the pull request page. No way to resolve conflicts in pull request reported by VSTS -- and there shouldn't even be any conflicts Azure DevOps git Teemu Leisti (Unikie) reported Apr 05, 2018 at 02:01 PM

Solved: How can I solve a conflict in a pull request?, You have two options to resolve the conflict, reverse-integrate the changes from the target branch (which creates additional merge commits), or rebase on the  If you want the merge conflict resolution to be reviewed, then you should go with option 2 where you open a new pull request on a branch with a different name (but the same head commit). Once that pull request has been reviewed and merged, the initial pull request will be automatically closed so you don't have to worry about it.