How can I disable an <option> in a <select> based on its value in JavaScript?

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I have a <select> with a number of <option>s. Each has a unique value. I need to disable an <option> with a given defined value (not innerhtml).

Anyone have an idea how?

Pure Javascript

With pure Javascript, you'd have to cycle through each option, and check the value of it individually.

// Get all options within <select id='foo'>...</select>
var op = document.getElementById("foo").getElementsByTagName("option");
for (var i = 0; i < op.length; i++) {
  // lowercase comparison for case-insensitivity
  (op[i].value.toLowerCase() == "stackoverflow") 
    ? op[i].disabled = true 
    : op[i].disabled = false ;

Without enabling non-targeted elements:

// Get all options within <select id='foo'>...</select>
var op = document.getElementById("foo").getElementsByTagName("option");
for (var i = 0; i < op.length; i++) {
  // lowercase comparison for case-insensitivity
  if (op[i].value.toLowerCase() == "stackoverflow") {
    op[i].disabled = true;

With jQuery you can do this with a single line:

  .attr("disabled", "disabled")

Without enabling non-targeted elements:

$("option[value='stackoverflow']").attr("disabled", "disabled");

​ Note that this is not case insensitive. "StackOverflow" will not equal "stackoverflow". To get a case-insensitive match, you'd have to cycle through each, converting the value to a lower case, and then check against that:

  if ($(this).val().toLowerCase() == "stackoverflow") {
    $(this).attr("disabled", "disabled").siblings().removeAttr("disabled");

Without enabling non-targeted elements:

  if ($(this).val().toLowerCase() == "stackoverflow") {
    $(this).attr("disabled", "disabled");

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Set an id to the option then use get element by id and disable it when x value has been selected..


      <select class="pull-right text-muted small" 
                 name="driveCapacity" id=driveCapacity onchange="checkRPM()">
      <option value="4000.0" id="4000">4TB</option>
      <option value="900.0" id="900">900GB</option>
      <option value="300.0" id ="300">300GB</option>
var perfType = document.getElementById("driveRPM").value;
if(perfType == "7200"){         
        document.getElementById("driveCapacity").value = "4000.0";
        document.getElementById("4000").disabled = false;           
        document.getElementById("4000").disabled = true;            

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var vals = new Array( 2, 3, 5, 8 );

function select_disable_options(selectid,vals){
  var selected = false ;
  $('#'+selectid+' option').removeAttr('selected');
  $('#'+selectid+' option').each(function(i,elem){
       var elid = parseInt($(elem).attr('value'));
           if(vals.indexOf(elid) != -1){
               if(selected == false){
                   selected = true ; 

Here with JQ .. if anybody search it

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I would like to give you also the idea to disable an <option> with a given defined value (not innerhtml). I recommend to it with jQuery to get the simplest way. See my sample below.


<div id="option">
   <select class="status">
      <option value="hand" selected>Hand</option>
      <option value="simple">Typed</option>
      <option value="printed">Printed</option>


The idea here is how to disable Printed option when current Status is Hand

var status = $('#option').find('.status');//to get current the selected value
var op = status.find('option');//to get the elements for disable attribute
(status.val() == 'hand')? op[2].disabled = true: op[2].disabled = false;

You may see how it works here:

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For some reason other answers are unnecessarily complex, it's easy to do it in one line in pure JavaScript:, o => o.value === optionValue).disabled = true;


selectElement.querySelector('option[value="'+optionValue.replace(/["\\]/g, '\\$&')+'"]').disabled = true;

The performance depends on the number of the options (the more the options, the slower the first one) and whether you can omit the escaping (the replace call) from the second one. Also the first one uses Array.find and arrow functions that are not available in IE11.

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  • I think the best solution for this is given in another question:…
  • No, with the value, you would use $("option[value=someval]"). He's looking for the value, not the text inside.
  • Ah, good point, @KyleButt. I've updated my solution. Thank you for pointing that out.
  • Disabling the options with "stackoverflow" doesn’t imply to enable those without "stackoverflow".
  • @Gumbo: Correct. I was trying anticipate future problems, but I can see how my solution would cause more problems, such as if the user had other options disabled by default. I've updated my solution. Thanks for pointing out my error.
  • op[i].disabled = (op[i].value.toLowerCase() == "stackoverflow") ;) +1
  • The questions asks for "value (not innerhtml)" and you test inner text.
  • I formatted the code, but the other hideosities of this function are on you to fix. :P