How to Store "direct link" to an image using Firebase Storage

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I need to access an image stored on Firebase Storage by a direct link, eg

For all I know, it can only this type of URL using the protocol gs://, however, it is not accessible by link, only in the SDK api.

I need a solution exactly as described above using the Firebase platform, if not possible, accept other suggestions.

My code has constants that are links to images. It turns out that if I want to update this picture, I have to make a new deployment. Instead I want to update the image at the same URL. It would be impossible to do this with the firebase (to my knowledge) because the URL provided by Storage is not accessible by link.

Another alternative might be to convert an image to base64 and stored in the database, but would be very extensive and impractical.

With Firebase Storage, you're given two URLs that you can use to represent files:

// "Private" internal URL, only accessible through Firebase Storage API
// This is protected by Firebase Storage Security Rules & Firebase Auth

// "Public" unguessable URL, accessible by anyone with the link
// This is secured because that token is *very* hard for someone to guess<token>

The first option requires that you use the reference.getDownloadURL() method to convert the internal gs:// URL into a public https:// URL.

The second option allows you to share this public but unguessable URL with trusted individuals, and allows them to access content without authentication to Firebase or using your app--think sharing family photos with Google Photos. Likely this behavior will be good enough, unless you desire public sharing with clean URLs. You can use this URL in a browser, or use any other HTTP library to download it. We provide the ability to download these files as well (off a reference), so you don't need to get a third party library, you can just use us.

I strongly recommend reading our docs for more information on this.

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How to translate your gs storage location to a direct url by example:



1st be sure to URL escape your blob path. For example, swap forward slashes (/) for %2F and spaces () for %20.

2nd be sure you've open read access where needed. Here is an open rule to get moving:

service {
  match /b/{bucket}/o {
    match /{allPaths=**} {
      allow read: if true;
      allow write: if request.auth != null;

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For those who just want to get a link

In console > Storage

Select a specific photo and you will see the link below.

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  • If you would like to share this link to the graph API with link=downloadURL, facebook logs the error: error link should represent a valid URL.
  • Does the token ever change? I'd like to save the full URL in the database associated with an object and use it later. (without using getDownloadUrl on a child)
  • @DoruChidean the token changes when you overwrite the file, or if you invalidate the token in the web console.
  • From backend perspective this answer is not useful. The mobile users don't have secure way to access the firebase store (except if they have account). So I have to create them download url , but there is not such method in the python Admin API or such REST functionality. So firebase give me no choice but to give public access (and I don't want to), or to have service that downloads the image through the backend using Google cloud storage and not firebase storage. So looks to me like the backend APIs or the admin API, is last concern, targeting mostly mobile users making firebase escape hard.
  • why token is needed when I can directly access the file from ?
  • I didn't think the URL would work when missing the "token" parameter in the query string. Yet, I just tried it and no problem. +1
  • Is it possible to not have the ?alt=media ?