Sending SMS in twilio returns 21603 : A 'From' number is required

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This is a regular funded account - It will insist there is no From Number - I also tried as request parameters rather than request body, SID and TOKEN are correct, tested by modifying them and getting appropriate error. Works fine with the twilio libraries, not as a standalone POST

POST /2010-04-01/Accounts/ACCOUNT_SID/Messages.json HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: text/json
Cache-Control: no-cache

{ "body": "Jenny please?! I love you <3", "From": VALID_TWILIO_NUMBER, "to": MY_CELL }

Also I would like to specify the ACCOUNT_SID and AUTH_TOKEN as header parameters, but Twilio does not recognize them.

The following works (from POSTMAN history)

POST /2010-04-01/Accounts/ACCOUND_SID/Messages.json HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic Base64_encoding(ACCOUNT_SID:AUTH_TOKEN)
Cache-Control: no-cache
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


A few observations: This worked using POSTMAN in Chrome and HTTPRequester in Firefox (Authorization entered interactively through user/passwd dialog)

The Body, From, and To parameters MUST be spelled that way, if the first letter is lowercase, it will return the above error or similar.

That was the only Content-Type that worked - could not get it to work with a JSON request body (the way I posed it on the original question) - that remains an open issue.

Error 21606, The following works (from POSTMAN history) POST /2010-04-01/Accounts/​ACCOUND_SID/Messages.json HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic  If applicable fill in the countries where you are using Twilio. Send your suggestions. 21603 'From' phone number is required to send a Message

I suggest that you use request parameters:

$ curl -XPOST \
    -d "Body=Jenny%20please%3F%21%20I%20love%20you%20<3" \
    -d "To=%2B15558675309" \
    -d "From=%2B14158141829" \
    -d "MediaUrl=" \
    -u 'AC5ef8732a3c49700934481addd5ce1659:{AuthToken}'

Additionally, I have seen that "No From Parameter" error when the phone number is not properly formatted.

Error 21603, You can only send SMS messages from a phone number provided by Twilio, and that phone number must be SMS enabled. Visit the phone numbers page on  Send SMS messages with Twilio's API. Learn the basics of sending an SMS, message delivery statuses, adding media to your messages, and outbound message rate limits. Sending Messages - Twilio

I was trying to do this with Twilio's new WhatsApp messaging and was running into the same issue. Content-type was important, but also how the body of the POST request was formatted.

From=whatsapp:%2B441618507453&To=whatsapp:%2B17796758684&Body=Your appointment is coming up on {{July 21}} at {{3PM}}

Note the use of URL encoding for "+" symbols

Error and Warning Dictionary, Error - 21603. 'From' phone number is required to send a Message. Make sure to specify a valid Twilio Number as the 'From' number in your outgoing messages  Twilio’s Programmable SMS API makes sending and receiving SMS easy. You can send messages globally using Twilio phone numbers that handle carrier complexities for you. By wrapping the API in a package, you and your fellow Dart developers can get to the important work even faster. What are you going to learn

Sending Messages, ERROR. Message body is required. 21603. Learn more. error. The source 'From' phone number is required to send an SMS. 21604 Learn more. ERROR Programmable SMS. Channel provider returned an internal service error (HTTP 5xx). Sending a single SMS with Twilio is a relatively straightforward affair, but what if you had to send 10 messages? Or 10,000? Imagine you’re an ice cream seller. You want to improve business by sending SMS alerts when you’re in your van so that your customers will know you’re on your way to deliver some sweet refreshment.

Cannot Post Message · Issue #2 · mcwebb/angular-twilio · GitHub, Send an SMS with Twilio's API. To send a new outgoing message from a Twilio phone  Receive and Reply to SMS and MMS Messages on the ESP8266 with C++ and ngrok; Receive and Reply to SMS and MMS Messages in PHP; It is also possible to receive an incoming text message, and not send a reply message back to the user. To do that, simply send the following TwiML in your response to Twilio: <Response></Response>

Sending SMS in twilio returns 21603 : A 'From - android, Sending SMS in twilio returns 21603 : A 'From' number is required - sms. Host: Content-Type: text/json  Now that you have a Twilio phone number you can start sending messages to mobile devices. Send an SMS message in C# and .NET via the REST API. To send an outgoing SMS message from your Twilio account you’ll need to make an HTTP POST to Twilio's Message resource.

  • Brilliant answer, concerning the 'Body' part. Have been searching for hours to get this right. Thanks for this tip. BTW, the following works as well: Body="Test+1+-+urlencoded"&From="%2BVALID_TWILIO_NUMBER"&To="%2BMY_CELL". Every %22 replaced by double quotes. So the essence was in the %2B in stead of the + sign.
  • I have been trying a variation of this cURL command but I keep getting a "The 'To' number +[redacted] is not a valid phone number." This number (I redacted it in this comment) is my own cell phone and I am using that same cell number in the "From." Why would Twilio return this error message if I know for a fact that the "To" value is a valid phone number?