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This seems like it should be easy, but I haven't found an easy solution. I understand that I can have a CalendarDatePicker, DatePicker, etc, or I can have a TimePicker. I could place both on my page and bind to two separate properties, which themselves notify a DateTime property I care about which takes the Date (year, day, month) from the first picker, and the time from the second picker. emphasized text But that seems totally hackish. Is there a way to bind to a single DateTime object while picking a Date AND Time? I.E. I really just want to combine a DatePicker/CalendarDatePicker and a TimePicker into one logical XAML control that binds to a single DateTime object.

You could try this simple function i wrote to combine your date and time. It functions by removing the default time in your DatePicker and adding the time from TimePicker to that variable.

private static DateTime CombineDateAndTime(DateTime dateObj,DateTime timeObj)
        DateTime newDateTime;

        //get timespan from the date object
        TimeSpan spanInDate = dateObj.TimeOfDay;

        //subtract it to set date objects time to 0:00
        dateObj = dateObj.Subtract(spanInDate);

        //now add your newTime to date object
        newDateTime = dateObj.Add(timeObj.TimeOfDay);

        //return new value
        return newDateTime;

Hope this helps.

Guidelines for date and time controls, There are four date and time controls to choose from; the control you a {Binding​} markup extension expression that can access the date as  A user can select a single date or a range of dates. It doesn't have a picker surface and the calendar is always visible. The calendar view is made up of 3 separate views: the month view, year view, and decade view. By default, it starts with the month view open, but you can specify any view as the startup view.

// code behind
DateTime date;
TimeSpan time
  get => date.TimeOfDay;
    date = date.AddTicks(value.Ticks);

// xaml
<DatePicker Date={x:Bind date, Converter={StaticResource DateTimeToOffsetConverter}}" 
<TimePicker Time={X:Bind time}" />

Calendar date picker, For more info about choosing the right control, see the Date and time controls article. Examples. Table 2. XAML Controls Gallery. XAML controls  The entry point displays the chosen time, and when the user selects the entry point, a picker surface expands vertically from the middle for the user to make a selection. The time picker overlays other UI; it doesn't push other UI out of the way.

I have found the following code helpful:-

    int rex01=  t21.Date.Value.Year;                      
    int rex02 = t21.Date.Value.Month;        
    int rex03 = t21.Date.Value.Day;            
    int rex04 = t22.Time.Hours;           
    int rex05 = t22.Time.Minutes;        
    int rex06 = t22.Time.Seconds;  

    DateTime T02 = new DateTime(rex01, rex02, rex03, rex04, rex05, rex06);

Please note t21 is a DatePicker and t22 is a TimePicker. Currently used with respect to SQLite and UWP.

[PDF] DateTimeEditors for UWP, For information on installing ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition, licensing, Choose one of the available edit modes: DateTime (default), Date, or Time. Select The best practice is to set these values from code or via data binding. In Code. Selecting dates. Use the Date property to get or set the selected date. By default, the Date property is null. When a user selects a date in the calendar view, this property is updated. A user can clear the date by clicking the selected date in the calendar view to deselect it. You can set the date in your code like this.

C#, These controls allow an application to easily choose a date or time. Yet, as the DatePicker.Date property is of type DateTimeOffset and  Data binding overview. 10/05/2018; 15 minutes to read +4; In this article. This topic shows you how to bind a control (or other UI element) to a single item or bind an items control to a collection of items in a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.

Getting Started with Date and Time Picker for Xamarin, Learn about the Date and Time Picker for Xamarin, and see how to easily let users You can easily choose a date, time or a combination of both depending on 15, 10, 15" VerticalOptions="Center"> <Label Text="{Binding Date, part of the Progress Telerik UI for Xamarin & UWP team in Sofia, Bulgaria. By default, Binding expressions are one-way, meaning that they will automatically update the UI when the bound property value changes. In contrast, the default for x:Bind is one-time, meaning that any changes to the bound property are ignored. This is the default because it's the most high-performance option, and most bindings are to static, read-only data.

Binding DatePicker and TimePicker to DateTime in UI for Windows , Currently, selecting a date from the DatePicker will make the DateTime object the selected date from the picker, and the current time. Then if  Display Current Date and Time: binding the DateTime.Now to Label : Binding « Windows Presentation Foundation « VB.Net Tutorial