Keep receiving foreign-key error

cannot add foreign key constraint
the alter table statement conflicted with the foreign key constraint
referencing column and referenced column in foreign key constraint are incompatible.
when to use foreign keys
error 1215 (hy000): cannot add foreign key constraint
multiple foreign keys sql
primary key and foreign key
how to use primary key and foreign key in mysql

I'm receiving a foreign key error every time I attempt to insert into the Book_Written_By table.

The SQL for this table is:

`CREATE TABLE `Book_Written_By` (
`title` char ( 255 ),
`ISBN`  varchar2,
`fname` char ( 255 ),
`lname` char ( 255 ),
FOREIGN KEY(`title`,`ISBN`) REFERENCES `Book_Belongs_To`(`title`,`ISBN`),
FOREIGN KEY(`fname`,`lname`) REFERENCES `Author`(`fname`,`lname`)

and SQL for Book_Belongs_To is:

CREATE TABLE `Book_Belongs_To` (
`section_name`  char ( 255 ),
`year`  integer,
`title` char ( 255 ) NOT NULL UNIQUE,
`publisher` char ( 255 ),
`inventory` integer NOT NULL,
`price` float NOT NULL,
`edition`   char ( 255 ),
FOREIGN KEY(`section_name`) REFERENCES `Section`(`name`)


foreign key mismatch - "Book_Written_By" referencing "Book_Belongs_To":

INSERT INTO `Book_Written_By` (`title`, `ISBN`, `fname`, `lname`) 
VALUES ('Fundamentals of Database Systems', '0-8053-1755-4', 'Ramez A. ', 'Elmasri'); `

Any assist would be helpful!

You are trying to insert non integer value 0-8053-1755-4 into ISBN which is defined as integer.

MySQL Error Code 1215: "Cannot add foreign key constraint , The best way to start investigating this error is by getting more information about it from LATEST FOREIGN KEY ERROR section of SHOW  I've tried different browsers, different computers, different documents, etc., and always receive the error, no matter what. I even cleared out several large documents that were stored on Adobe Send & Track, but it still won't work.

I think you have made a mistake, ISBN is defined as an integer so 0-8053-1755-4 will evaluate to -9812. Probably you should write 805317554 or use single-quotes and varchar2. If that isn't the error, please double-check that you have a book_written_by with the specified title and ISBN.

FIX: A conflict with the foreign key constraint occurs when you , Fixes a problem in SQL Server 2005 in which a foreign key constraint Learn how to keep in touch and stay productive with Microsoft Teams and or by padding column values, you receive the following error message:. A foreign key links to the primary key of the target table. Here you're trying to link to category_id on the categories table: But that's not the primary key for that table. id is: (Having both an id and a category_id in the categories table is pretty confusing actually.

ISBN is integer and the value given is not an integer. Change schema to char for ISBN field.

With your the given schema, you will get invalid values for ISBN.!9/4cd19f/1/0

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Make sure that if the value inserted into "ISBN" column meets attribute datatype. And most importantly make sure that the key that are used as FK at table "Book_Written_By" should be declared as unique in its own table. For example, "title" field should be declare unique in its table "Book_Belongs_To"

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  • Why not make your life easier?? Create an auto-increment primary key on each table, then create the relationship.
  • Hi there,I've made some changes above, but I'm still getting the error
  • Are you sure this is mysql ? Because varchar2 is an Oracle type. If this is indeed mysql, replace all your char (can work with mysql but is not appropriate in your case) and varchar2 by varchar type
  • Hi there,I've made some changes above, but I'm still getting the error
  • Please show what you have in the tables when you start, i.e. the insert into book_belongs_to. If the tables are empty and the insert you have posted is the first you should get an error as the constraint is doing its intended job!
  • Hi there,I've made some changes above, but I'm still getting the error
  • Hi there,I've made some changes above, but I'm still getting the error
  • Foreign Key relationship refers the parent table(Book_Belongs_To) to hold the central data and child table (Book_Written_By) referring the identical values of the parent table. Before inserting into table "Book_Written_By" make sure that the foreign key values exist in the parent table "Book_Belongs_To" first. Here title = 'Fundamentals of Database Systems' and ISBN = '0-8053-1755-4' should exist in the "Book_Belongs_To" table first.