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I'm starting with React Native, everything works fine in the iOS simulator. I decide to try it on a device.

The app launches, I can play with it, I close/reopen it around 4 or 5 times, and then somewhat randomly the app crashes on Launch Screen (the one with "Powered By React Native"). It just shows the screen, and the app crashes to the iPhone home screen.

Any idea how I can further debug that?

Edit: I added Bugsnag in my AppDelegate.m, but bugsnag doesn't detect anything when the app crashes.

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions
  NSURL *jsCodeLocation;

  [BugsnagReactNative start];

  // Rest of code  


I came across this issue today. Read a few SO posts and saw one guy mentioned if your app launches and hangs on the splash screen and then crashes with no error it probably has something to one of your npm dependencies.

After digging deeper i saw the react packager was throwing the error

This error is caused by a @providesModule declaration with the same name across two different files.

To fix

  1. check / clean up dependencies(check for same name declerations)

  2. rm -rf node_modules

  3. rm -rf $TMPDIR/react-*

  4. npm i

React Native: How to Fix IOS App Crashes, more about How to Fix Crashing IOS App on Launch using react native. because previously it was working fine for both Android and iOS. android app is crashing when app is launching react-native version 0.53.2 Affected OS Android OS Version Nexus_5X_API_25 or Pixel XL - 8.0.0 react-native-device-info ^0.21.4 Current behavior Pls find below the steps i followed npm instal

This can caused by many issues it seems. Recently this happened to me and I had to search a bit to find out the exact reason. I'll save you guys the trouble by sharing few places I read - -

In my case it was a library issue which I have not linked properly.


So yeah! my point is, it's something we have done or not done. Bit more research would help!!!

React Native App crashes on launch - JavaScript, getting the IPA on my device, but for some reason, the app just launches to the splash screen (react native splash screen) and then crashes. If you tried to generate android release APK by following guide provided in official site of facebook react native, and found your app is crashing on device up on launch, then you are in same…

I had this problem also, what triggered it for me though was updating react and react-native.

I did a build after updating and then I experienced the same issue. I downgraded back to the previous versions of react and react-native, but that didn't work for me.

I tried removing node modules, and reinstalling, that didn't help. Then I noticed that when I was building: react-native run-ios,

the files in ios/build were not updating

I rm -rf ios/build/ and then I react-native run-ios and the ios/build folder populated. My app ran fine after that.

crazycodeboy/react-native-splash-screen, Crash on Splash Screen iOS 12.3.1 #397 10E1001 Android Studio: 3.4 AI-​183.5429.30.34.5452501 Packages: (wanted => installed) react:  You can find your app name in your package.json, under the name field. Also when looking for errors specifically dealing with react native, try running . adb logcat | grep 'redbox' This way you don't have to scan the entire logfile. Or try the method shown in this article.

For me lottie package was creating problem. After removing the package able to launch the package.

Make sure by checking the last package/packages installed

Release APK crash immediately on launch, Bug Report The android version runs perfectly in debug mode using Release APK crash immediately on launch - React Native ( Version 0.58.4) #23352 When the screen closes at start, there might be some errors not  React native app stuck on splash screen on device but works in simulator. My React Native app works in the XCode simulator with no issues, but when I run in a physical device, my iPhone, there's a problem. The app launches and gets stuck on the React Native splash screen, the after 10-15 seconds the app crashes/closes.

iOS App Crashes in Launch screen on device with , When I am running my React-native project on iPhone 6 device, The application is staying in the launch for a while(close to 20-30 secs) and  App should not crash on launch. This works fine in local testing on device and in Simulator. Actual Behavior. App crashes on launch. Here is the crash log: Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Triggered by Thread: 1. Application Specific Information: abort() called

React Native (0.60.4) Android app crashes after splash screen when , React Native (0.60.4) Android app crashes after splash screen when Hermes is enabled #25730. Closed. RageBill opened this issue on Jul 18,  When I remove them and work with armeabi-v7a and x86 the android app works fine. My app crashes as soon as I start going into react-navigation and crashing in Samsung galaxy S7 having Android Version 6.0.1(it has both 64 bit OS and CPU) while working fine in most of the devices I have. Logcat Response:

New react-native iOS app crashes during startup when archived with , When I am running my React-native project on iPhone XS Max device, The application is staying in the launch for a while(close to 20-30 secs)  If you're using Create React Native App or Expo CLI, console logs already appear in the same terminal output as the packager. Debugging on a device with Chrome Developer Tools. If you're using Create React Native App or Expo CLI, this is configured for you already.

  • build the app in debug mode and use remote js debugging to see the error thrown while the app crashes.
  • The app crashes before the JS is even loaded. I tried to add Bugsnag to see what happens but I receive no crash report when the app crashes.
  • @amaurymartiny i have the same issue! did you find a solution to this?
  • @Zolve I installed Bugsnag and, but didn't find anything. I created a fresh project and now everything works fine.
  • just wondering: did you find any solution by now?
  • Did anyone find out any particular dependencies that were causing this error? I started a project that was (and still is) running fine on the simulator, but when I finally got around to loading it on a device, it boots up fine and I can use it, but if I slide it closed and then try to reopen the app crashes after hanging on the launch screen for 10 seconds or so...
  • @mharris7190, i believe this is because the app takes too long to load in the debug mode on iOS. I had the same issue
  • is it because of the linking or what? , also have you tried linking it manually?