Unexpected value 'undefined' declared by the module 'AppModule'

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unexpected value 'undefined' declared by the module 'appmodule' in angular 7
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unexpected value declared by the module
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unexpected value 'undefined' declared by appmodule
error: unexpected value '...' imported by the module

What is wrong here? I'm trying to make it work but I get that error in the header. I have included the <router-outlet></router-outlet> in the app.component.html that is being templateUrl called by the app.component.ts, still no luck.


import { NgModule }             from '@angular/core';
import { BrowserModule }        from '@angular/platform-browser';
import { FormsModule }          from '@angular/forms';
import { RouterModule, Routes } from '@angular/router';

import { AppComponent }  from './app.component';
import { AppRoutingModule } from './app-routing.module';
import { TopnavComponent } from './components/navbars/topnav/topnav.component';
import { LeftnavComponent } from './components/navbars/leftnav/leftnav.component';
import { LeftnavsecondaryComponent } from './components/navbars/leftnav-secondary/leftnav-secondary.component';
import { WorldofwarcraftComponent } from './components/games/worldofwarcraft/worldofwarcraft.component';

    imports:    [ BrowserModule, FormsModule, AppRoutingModule ],
    declarations:   [ AppComponent, TopnavComponent, LeftnavComponent, LeftnavsecondaryComponent, WorldofwarcraftComponent ],
    bootstrap:  [ AppComponent ]

export class AppModule { }


import { NgModule }              from '@angular/core';
import { RouterModule, Routes }  from '@angular/router';

import { WorldofwarcraftComponent } from './components/games/worldofwarcraft/worldofwarcraft.component';

const appRoutes: Routes = [
  { path: 'worldofwacraft', component: WorldofwarcraftComponent }

  imports: [ RouterModule.forRoot(appRoutes) ],
  exports: [ RouterModule ]

export class AppRoutingModule {}

I got the same error , sometimes this issue occur and you only need to re-run the server using ng serve or whatever CLI you use , as mentioned here

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I faced the same error and I discovered the reason. The reason was two commas ,, in any array (for example: imports property) like this.

  imports: [
  CommonModule, FormsModule,,

Unexpected value 'undefined' declared by the module 'AppModule , got this error whenever i change the html template in this repo mgechev angular seed and have to 'npm start' every time. (SystemJS) Unexpected value  irql unexpected value windows 10 My computer keeps restarting every 3 minutes during at night and it keeps saying IRQL UNEXPECTED VALUE. All my drivers are updated and I'm not sure what's causing this problem.

Try this may help you: Stop and Start the ng-serve service. Now the page could navigate.

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It was caused because I repeated the export in one of my index.ts file:

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This is a very annoying and difficult to understand error. I did a file comparison using Araxis Merge found every file in my two projects were almost identical at first glance. However, after further review I noticed a slight difference in file structure(which I wasn't really looking for at first, rather I was looking for configuration differences) that my second project had generated a js file from one of the ts files.

As you can see on the left side there is a js file. The right side project showed my node-builder component and ran without error. The right side was what caused the problem.

Webpack had picked up that Javascript file and tried to package it. Obviously, when Webpack encountered the ts version it transpiled it into a duplicate js file, thus creating a confusing run-time exception.

t {__zone_symbol__error: Error: Unexpected value 'undefined' declared by the 
module 'AppModule'
    at t.m (http://localhost:……}

As you can see this problem had nothing to do with configuration as many posts had led me to believe. As stated above your problem may have to do with configuration but in my case it did not.

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IRQL UNEXPECTED VALUE WINDOWS 10, My computer keeps restarting every 3 minutes during at night and it keeps saying IRQL UNEXPECTED VALUE. All my drivers are updated and  zone.js:129 Uncaught Error: Unexpected value 'NgaModule' imported by the module 'AppModule' It seems that after I add JsonApiModule to the app imports it invalidates other imports, not sure if this is an issue with this module or the other but I don't have the issue unless I add JsonApiModule to the app imports

  • Sounds like there is a cyclical dependency somewhere.
  • can you add plnkr of your code
  • Wish I saw this earlier. Been pulling my hair out for 3 hours :(
  • FWIW, same with Ionic.
  • This worked for me. First thing I tried. Thank you. Should be marked as correct answer in my opinion
  • I still did not get it, what would have caused to have such error to pop up in first place?
  • Excellent find, but why does this happen?
  • This was the exact problem in my case too.
  • This is the same answer as @Alexander Zaldostanov, just more generalized, so I would have made it an edit or a comment on that post (I know you may not have the privilege yet, sorry).