Xcode 9 - Test target X encountered an error (Unable to connect to Test Manager)

webdriveragentrunner-runner.app encountered an error (failed to install or launch the test runner
failed to launch process with bundle identifier 'com apple test-webdriveragentrunner-runner
no wdas on the device
unable to install webdriveragentrunner-runner

I'm trying to run some of my Unit Tests but it kept giving me error:

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Test target X encountered an error (Unable to connect to test manager on d7306c4130298fbc17bc0985ec02f808dcdc1374 If you believe this error represents a bug, please attach the log file at /var/folders/2h/0y4yjs6s7l307mbr6pk1xdl00000gn/T/com.apple.dt.XCTest/IDETestRunSession-CF80FA05-C8ED-4FCE-A04B-4A8070F21059/X-E8F39B10-0CDC-43D5-9BED-CD2D0F6081DA/Session-X-2018-01-08_161733-D3YlRc.log)

I've tried searching for this type of error but to no avail. Anybody got any ideas?

Simply restarting the device fixed this for me (iOS 11.3)

Integration tests don't run on device, only sim · Issue #11297 , Test target integration encountered an error (Unable to connect to test manager on Error starting test manager service: Error This is in: Xcode 9.2, iOS 11.2.x 0x00007fff58ba3f50 _dispatch_continuation_pop + 599 9  Should i connect my iPhone to run the unit test ? Or, is it just run the test without build app in any simulator or real device? – calvin sugianto Apr 2 '18 at 4:59 @calvinsugianto, you need either a real device or a simulator if your end target is an iPhone or iPad.

I resolved this issue by doing a hard restart of my device. For my iPhone 8, I followed these instructions from macrumors.com: Hard restart iPhone 8

Alternatively, if you're an libimobiledevice user you can use /usr/local/bin/idevicediagnostics restart from your mac's terminal.

Hope this helps

WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner.app encountered an error (Failed , (Underlying error: Unable to connect to test manager on WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner.app encountered an error (Failed to establish communication with the test Currently I could build up and connect appium server on simulators [Xcode] Error Domain=com.apple.dt.xctest.error Code=9 "​Unable to  The extension for test bundles changed from .octest to .xctest and Xcode cowardly refuses to run the tests because it doesn't know how to use a test bundle with the older extension. I'm not aware of any fix that Kiwi could apply to fix this, but would love to know if there was one.

I restarted my iPhone 6 (iOS 11.2.6) in a normal way to resolve the same issue.

User Michael Lupo, BY NIGHT: Private Pilot and Experimental Aircraft builder. MOST ALL THE Xcode 9 - Test target X encountered an error (Unable to connect to Test Manager​). Previously, when running UI tests, the target under test was reinstalled before each test started. Starting in Xcode 11.4, the target under test is installed once per test session and device, speeding up UI tests considerably. (24776269) When hit testing a target, macOS hit testing accepts descendants with frames equivalent to the target as hit

appium-xcuitest-driver, By default, this driver will create a new iOS simulator and run tests on it, are Accessibility restrictions that make the WebDriverAgent system unable to run. This is usually manifest by xcodebuild returning an error code 65 . webDriverAgentUrl, If provided, Appium will connect to an existing WebDriverAgent instance at this  Edit this Doc Appium XCUITest Driver Real Device Setup Installing dependencies From Appium 1.15.0, Appium communicates with a real device via appium-ios-device .

Is it possible to run Appium IOS test cases using grid on different , Xcode9 now supports multiple simulators and Here a pretty good example of this. target MyAppTests encountered an error (Unable to connect to test manager  Xcode 11 is available in the Mac App Store and includes SDKs for iOS 13, macOS Catalina 10.15, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13. Xcode 11 supports development for devices running iOS 13.1. Xcode 11 supports on-device debugging for iOS 8 and later, tvOS 9 and later, and watchOS 2 and later. Xcode 11 requires a Mac running macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later. Note

Xcode 11 Release Notes, Xcode 11 supports on-device debugging for iOS 8 and later, tvOS 9 and later, and target must assume the responsibility of managing these entries appropriately. Updating your iOS app for Mac Catalyst might show new error diagnostics If the build of an app-hosted test target — where TEST_HOST is defined — fails,  AFNetworking is a delightful networking library for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It's built on top of the Foundation URL Loading System, extending the powerful high-level networking abstractions built into Cocoa.