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I need to select a value from a table but want to display a portion of it to user. Is there any way to mask/hide a part of that value through a direct query ?Is there any function/method to display/mask a part of selected value

  • Example:

    Column1 JimLee

I need value as 'JimLee', which will directly come using -select colomn1 from X, but how display it as 'Jim' only to users. I have phrased this question according to my tools limitation

You are searching for substr().

select substr(column1, 1, 3)
  from X


Can we hide some rows in MySQL?, There is no way to hide without deleting, since the mark for hidden is already done (hidden = 1). Although the correct way is to alter the first query, since you won't retrieve unwanted data, you can: Query on the query, adding the 'where hidden=0' part. Filter the data inside the script that handles the table. In MySQL, sometimes you don’t want NULL values to be returned as NULL. Sometimes you want NULL values to be returned with a different value, such as “N/A”, “Not Applicable”, “None”, or even the empty string “”.

you could use a repalce in select

select replace( Column1, right(Column1, length(Column1)-3 ), '***')
from mytable;

or for not show after the 3rd char

select replace( Column1, right(Column1, length(Column1)-3 ), '')
from mytable;

in this case you can use a simply left

select left(Column1, 3)
from mytable;

How to "hide" field on update in MySQL - PHP, I have a MySQL DB system set up which works well but now we need to be want the trophy to stay visible but without the shopping cart fields visible. value​='1'> <input type='hidden' name='noqty". Let me give it a shot: You're saying I should NOT change the Show_hide in the UPDATE part (which I did  The following code block has a generic SQL syntax of the UPDATE command to modify the data in the MySQL table − UPDATE table_name SET field1 = new-value1, field2 = new-value2 [WHERE Clause] You can update one or more field altogether. You can specify any condition using the WHERE clause. You can update the values in a single table at a time.

at first i thought you want to get Jim as a result, then this will do the job

select substr(column1, 1, 3) from tablename

then you said something about keeping the fullname for the backend but want to display different things, so i guess you need both value in your query like this

select column1 as fullName,substr(column1, 1, 3) as displayName from tablename

you can use the displayName in your front end, while using the fullName when you throw it to the backend

10 Ways to Hide Elements in CSS, Craig Buckler presents the various CSS methods available for hiding elements on a web Get 'PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 6th Edition' for free. Resetting back to the correct value after display: none; can be problematic  Changing data in a MySQL table using command line command is not as complicated as it sounds, and the basic problem is the way commands are written in various tutorials and manuals. If you want to update data in a MySQL table, alter a column or a low, you can modify your MySQL command accordingly.

PHP and MySQL Manual: Simple, Yet Powerful Web Programming, The heading outputs the value of variable $count: <form action=' <?php echo Hidden form elements can take many of the same attributes as other In the previous part of this chapter we illustrated how form data can be Ex File Edit. I'm trying to configure MySQL 5.1 on CentOS 6.6 in such a way that users will not be able to see databases to which they do not have any privileges. Hide list of

MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 8.3.12 Invisible Indexes, To alter the visibility of an existing index, use a VISIBLE or INVISIBLE keyword to test the effect of removing an index on query performance, without making a  MODIFY is more convenient to change the definition without changing the name because it requires the column name only once: ALTER TABLE t1 MODIFY b INT NOT NULL; To change a column name but not its definition, use CHANGE. The syntax requires a column definition, so to leave the definition unchanged, you must respecify the definition the column currently has.

MySQL Workbench Manual :: 3.2.2 SQL Editor Preferences, This section provides configuration options that affect the SQL editor functionality in MySQL Setting this value to 0 eliminates the limit (all queries are saved). When setting keyword or connection pooling values that require a Boolean value, you can use 'yes' instead of 'true', and 'no' instead of 'false'. Note The MySql Data Provider uses the native socket protocol to communicate with MySQL. Therefore, it does not support the use of an ODBC data source name (DSN)

  • Always first 3 characters, or until second upper case letter?
  • first 3 chars in this case but main issue is how to hide a portion of any value
  • select substr(columnname, 1, 3) from tablename
  • but then it will store value 'Jim' only instead of 'JimLee' at backend I guess because u have substringed it to only 3 chars
  • Are you copying data from one table to another, and want to show the first 3 chars? Fix it in the display routine.
  • this will not take full name-'JimLee' but only 3 chars as value 'Jim' b/c u have substringed that
  • By doing that it will show '*' but I need not to show any thing at that place
  • asnwer updated for sho anythings .. hope is useful
  • no brother when we use function select replace() it takes replaced value as true value -for 'JimLee' it will take replaced 3 chars 'Jim' only as real value I needed it to display 'Jim' only but value as 'JimLee' behind 3 chars
  • your comment are not clear .. anyway the answer provided should cover both case with whitout substitution of char .