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How can I import js library (in my case xhook library) into my react native project written in typescript? Or How can I create typescript header file for external js library?

You can simply use:

const signalrLib = require("react-native-signalr").default

Sharing Code between React Web / Native TypeScript Projects, First include the library source file before the compiled TypeScript file of your project ,using script tag in your HTML file . Next ,In your TypeScript  I want to import a js library(react-native-webview-bridge) in my react-native project.but my project use typescript,and the library is js.when i import it, it tips

TypeScript compiles to plain Javascript just like Babel or any other extended Javascript language.

So when you add example xhook to your project, project owner has already compiled his/her TypeScript code into plain JS and you import it just like any other library.

eg. import xhook from 'xhook' or so on how library author has specified.

You can see it yourself if you visit xhook's git page you can see compiled code in folder dist and in package.json -file, attribute main points to that file.

TypeScript is not itself language that is runned in browser, but that it is always compiled to plain JavaScript. Hopefully this helps out making a grasp how this works.

edit. seems like xhookis actually written in CoffeeScript but this same rule applies to it as well.

How To Use External Plain JavaScript Libraries in TypeScript Projects, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, Complete guide to convert a React Native project to TypeScript We must install typings for React and React Native libraries (typings are definition files  My favourite is TypeScript, but React Native supports Flow out of the box. Which you prefer is a matter of preference, they each have their own approach on how to add the magic of types to JavaScript. Today, we're going to look at how to use TypeScript in React Native apps. This post uses Microsoft's TypeScript-React-Native-Starter repo as a guide.

As suggested, You can use any ES6/ES2015 notation in typescript. With the new typescript, import will be

import xhook from 'xhook';

Older version:

import * as xhook from 'xhook'

Some module doesnt have type support. You can look for type support as

yarn add @types/xhook

If you dont find type support you can use, node require syntax

const xhook = require('xhook');

For that you may have to declare, require definition like:

declare const require: any;

React Native with TypeScript - Rinto Jose, [TypeScript][ts] is a language which extends JavaScript by adding type definitions​, Add TypeScript and the types for React Native and Jest to your project. The first step you need to do if you want to include a plain JavaScript library in TypeScript is to look for typings for that particular lib .The majority of popular libraries have typings so they can be easily used with TypeScript but sometimes you can't find typings for a library ! in this case you have two options :

Using TypeScript with React Native · React Native, Luckily, options exist to add stronger types to JavaScript. Today, we're going to look at how to use TypeScript in React Native apps. Once you've tried scaffolding out an ordinary React Native project, you'll be ready to start adding TypeScript. Open App.tsx and modify the import at the top of the file: Learn how to migrate a React app to TypeScript from JavaScript, and take advantage of type safety for more reliable code.

Migrating from JavaScript · TypeScript, If you're looking to convert a React project, we recommend looking at the During our JS to TS migration, we'll need to separate our input files to prevent for managing your project's options, such as which files you want to include, and The issue here is that you likely don't have declaration files to describe your library. While React Native is built in Flow, it supports both TypeScript and Flow by default. Getting Started with TypeScript. If you're starting a new project, there are a few different ways to get started. You can use the TypeScript template: npx react-native init MyApp --template react-native-template-typescript

Using TypeScript With React Native, React Native with TypeScript, linting and Enzyme or React Native Testing In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to set up a React Native project with TypeScript. on how to set up linting, Enzyme and React Native Testing Library. react-native init myapp --template typescript && node myapp/setup.js  How TypeScript and React Native works. Out of the box, transforming your files to JavaScript works via the same Babel infrastructure as a non-TypeScript React Native project. We recommend that you use the TypeScript compiler only for type checking.