How can My GUI appear when my noob is killed?

[My code is :]

local function MWin()
game.StarterGui.ScreenGui1.DemonWin.Visible = true
if game.Workspace.Mages_Boss.Humanoid.Died:connect(function()

[My noob is named : Mages_Boss And my screen gui is named : DemonWin I dont know what to put for "print("good")".]

First, modifying the starter GUI does nothing. You need to change the one player or all players with a for loop. In my answer, I’ll use the former with a player named ROBLOX. If you want to start with it invisible, you need game.Players.ROBLOX.PlayerGui.ScreenGui1.DemonWin.Visible = false. To make it visible on the death event, use game.Players.ROBLOX.PlayerGui.ScreenGui1.DemonWin.Visible = true.

(Noob scripter here) How do I do this? : roblox, Hi, I am a game developer, but I can't script, and I need someone's help. I need a GUI to show up when an NPC humanoid dies. Thanks for your time! In this video, I will show you how to make a death screen Gui. We are going to use frames and textlabels in this video, but you can add different pictures and colors if you want. It is quite

Try using




to toggle whether it is active or not. I suppose in the died function, use the latter.

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I'm going to assume you're not firing the function so you can get rid of that. You're also going to remove the .Died since it fires even when it's not dead. So your best bet would be to do also add a debounce- kind of function to your script. Here's the modified version:

game.StarterGui.ScreenGui1.DemonWin.Visible = false
    if game.Workspace.Mages_Boss.Humanoid.Health == 0 then
    game.StarterGui.ScreenGui1.DemonWin.Visible = true
game.StarterGui.ScreenGui1.DemonWin.Visible = false

Also, you would have to put the GUI in the StarterGui (located in game.Players.LocalPlayer.StarterGui) in order to not publicly malfunction this script.

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