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I am trying to get response for input of a webpage

  • I complete the number with 1234567 and use test @ test .com and some text
  • After I clicked SEND, I like to check, if it was successful by checking, if "Thank you!" is shown...but in the html is no change so I like to check the "code", but I have no knowledge about, or if this is possible

before input and click the SEND button:

<div id="isatPhone_messageBox">
    <span class="icon"></span>
    <span class="title"></span>
    <span class="text"></span>

after click the SEND button:

<div id="isatPhone_messageBox" style="display: block;">
  <div class="">
    <span class="icon"></span>
    <span class="title">Thank you!</span>
    <span class="text">Your message has been successfully sent.</span>

For sure this line is wrong, get back "null" always :

javascript:(function() {element.getElementsByClassName('title');})()

use in AI2 block WebVieWTools

try this, may be it sorted out your problem. your point is not clear but due to reps, i have comment here.

javascript:(function() {document.getElementsByClassName('title');})()

How to Determine If Variable is Undefined or NULL in JavaScript, To check if a variable is undefined or null you can use the equality operator == or strict equality operator === (also called identity operator). Let's take a look at  For more dynamic browser selections, JavaScript is actually a valid way to go. Below, you'll find a code snippet that you can use to check for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The function checks for these browsers, and will execute any code you insert within the if/else if statements for each browser if the code is run on any of the browsers in question.

As written, this function does not return a value:

javascript:(function() {element.getElementsByClassName('title');})()

As suggested in this answer, the element does not appear to be defined. You'll have more luck searching the document.

javascript:(function() { return document.getElementsByClassName('title'); })()

This will return a HTMLCollection. I expect you'll still have problems though. The form is likely sending an AJAX request, waiting for the response, then updating the text. I'm not familiar with WebViewTools but it doesn't look like you're doing waiting for the request to return.

How to check for undefined in JavaScript, How do you check if a value is undefined in JavaScript? The short answer. In modern browsers you can safely compare the variable directly to  On the web browser menu click on the "Edit" and select "Preferences". In the "Preferences" window select the "Security" tab. In the "Security" tab section "Web content" mark the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox. Click on the "Reload the current page" button of the web browser to refresh the page.

Hello every body and many Thanks to all of you.

You helped me out of the "sh...t"

your tips and ideas bring me with help of other forums to this solution :

javascript:(function() { return document.getElementsByClassName('title')[0].textContent; })()  


JavaScript String includes() Method, Check if a string includes "world": var str = "Hello world, welcome to the universe."​; var n = str.includes("world");. Try it Yourself ». More "Try it Yourself" examples  The Javascript check all function has been tested for compatibility in IE8, IE9, Chrome & FireFox JQuery Check & Uncheck checkboxes If you prefer a jQuery check/uncheck function, the below code will achieve exactly the same as above. This code will target all checkboxes on a page using the $(“input:checkbox”) selector.

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JavaScript isNaN() Function, JavaScript isNaN() Function. ❮ JavaScript Global Functions. Example. Check whether a value is NaN: isNaN(123) //false isNaN(-1.23) //false isNaN(5-2) //false If you run this and click on both the checkbox and the button you should get a sense of how this works. Note that I used document.querySelector for brevity/simplicity, but this could easily be built out to either have a given ID passed to the constructor, or it could apply to all buttons that act as aria-labels for a checkbox (note that I didn't bother setting an id on the button and giving

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