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I have a boolean variable which I want to convert to a string

$res = true;

I need it the converted value to also be in the format "true" "false" not "0" "1"

$converted_res = "true";
$converted_res = "false";

I've tried:

$converted_res = string($res);
$converted_res = String($res);

but it tells me string and String are not recognized functions. How do I convert this boolean to a string in the format "true" or "false" in php?

Simplest solution:

$converted_res = $res ? 'true' : 'false';

Java - boolean to String conversion, To convert Boolean to String in Java, use the toString() method. For this, firstly, we have declared two booleans. boolean bool1 = false; boolean  boolean boovar = false; String str = Boolean.toString(boovar); Example: Converting boolean to String. This program demonstrates the use of both the above mentioned methods. Here we have two boolean variables and we are converting one of them using String.valueOf() method and other one using Boolean.toString() method.

The function var_export returns a string representation of a variable, so you could do this:

var_export($res, true);

The second argument tells the function to return the string instead of echoing it.

Java Program to convert Boolean to String, I am trying to convert boolean to string type Boolean b = true; String str =  Note that XML is case-sensitive, and that the XML specification recognizes "true" and "false" as the valid set of Boolean values. If the string returned by the ToString() method is to be written to an XML file, its String.ToLowerInvariant method should be called first to convert it to lowercase.

Another way to do : json_encode( booleanValue )

echo json_encode(true);  // string "true"

echo json_encode(false); // string "false"

// null !== false
echo json_encode(null);  // string "null"

Best approach to converting Boolean object to string in java, JavaScript Boolean toString() Method. ❮ JavaScript Boolean Reference. Example. Convert a Boolean value to a string: var bool = true; var x = bool.​toString();. The valueOf method of the String class internally calls the toString method of the Boolean wrapper class to convert from boolean to a string value. Using either of the methods is equally efficient in terms of performance. The preferred way is to use the  toString method of the Boolean wrapper class.

See var_export

JavaScript Boolean toString() Method, ToLowerInvariant method should be called first to convert it to lowercase. ToString(). Converts the value of this instance to its equivalent string representation (  This is one more way of converting boolean string values to string format. parse method of JSON object which accepts string returns true if the value is ‘true’ returns false if the value is ‘false’ throws an exception if the value is string other than boolean values We have written function to return undefined for normal strings.

You use strval() or (string) to convert to string in PHP. However, that does not convert boolean into the actual spelling of "true" or "false" so you must do that by yourself. Here's an example function:

function strbool($value)
    return $value ? 'true' : 'false';
echo strbool(false); // "false"
echo strbool(true); // "true"

Boolean.ToString Method (System), variable and return a value “1” for “true” and “0” for “false”. The other solutions here all have caveats (though they address the question at hand). If you are (1) looping over mixed-types or (2) want a generic solution that you can export as a function or include in your utilities, none of the other solutions here will work.

Java, How do I convert something to a string in Java? Given below are the two methods you can use to convert Boolean(bit) data type into string. Method 1: In this method, we will use IIF function to convert boolean(bit) to string. IIF function is a new logical function shipped with SQL Server 2012.--This script is compatible with SQL Server 2012 and above.

Java.lang.Boolean Class in Java, The toString() method returns a string representing the specified Boolean object. The toString() method returns a boolean value as a string. Note: This method is called by JavaScript automatically whenever a boolean is used in a string operation. Browser Support

Java Program to convert boolean to integer, C# | Boolean.ToString() Method. This method is used to convert the value of this instance to its equivalent string representation i.e. either “ True ” or “ False “. SQL does not have boolean datatype, but PL/SQL does. In PL/SQL you have more options. You can: write functions so they don't return boolean, but the type you need. if you can't edit the functions, you can write a wrapper function, that does the conversion or you can directly use