How to send large emails without spam?

How to send large emails without spam?

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I need to know what is best method to send multiple emails using php. It should not be stored in spam and also should send fast.

I already tried normal mail function in PHP. But it is not working well. Also tried using mail function within loop. Only few mails sent and some of them reached under spam folder.

My project is running at live server. And I am using free hosting service.

My Code:

include "initialize.php";
    echo "Access Denied";
    $get_sem_period1=mysqli_query($con, "SELECT * FROM sem_period where id='$id' ");
    $rrr=mysqli_query($con, "SELECT * FROM results where sem_period='$sem_period' ");

        $get_course=mysqli_query($con, "SELECT course,email FROM student_details where reg_no='$row[reg_no]' ");

        $get_sub1=mysqli_query($con, "SELECT * from course_details where course_name='$course_name' ");



        $new_marks=explode(",", $row['sem_mark']);
            $echo_subject .="<tr><td>".$new_subjects[$x].":  ".$new_marks[$x]." - ".$exam_result."</td></tr>";

        $myemail = 'MYEMAIL';
        if( empty($errors))


    $email_subject = "Enquiry Form: Your Results";
    echo "Mail id is: ".$to;
    echo $email_body = "<table border='1'>
                </br> $sem_period Result Will be Announced: Check Your Marks </br> </br>
                        <td> Register Number: ".$row['reg_no']. "</td>
                        <td> Course Name: ".$course_name. "</td>
                        <td> Semester: ".$sem_no. "</td>
                        <td>MARKS ARE:</td>
                        <td> ".$echo_subject."  </td>
                        <td>    </td>

    $headers = "From: $myemail\n";

    $headers .= "Reply-To: $myemail";


    //redirect to the 'thank you' page

    echo "<script>alert('Mail Send Successfully');</script>";


    if (!preg_match(
        $errors .= "\n Error: Invalid email address";


My Answer:

After 1 year, in my experience I learned that for sending large mails without Spam, we have to find good mail service provider.

You should consider using an email sending service, such as Amazons SES, or other marketing tools such as Emma, Mail chimp, sendgrid, mailjet, mandrill, etc.

Free hosts are very susceptible to getting blocked by email servers due to the very nature of use for spam.

How to Send Bulk Email Without Spamming (Step by Step , From day to day spam filters toughen the requirements for filtering SPAM. to tell you the major tips how to send bulk emails without spamming. is the newest place to search, delivering top results from across the web. Content updated daily for emailing large files for free.

This question is a matter of dispute for all the marketers. No one marketer is immune to be called a spammer. These are three main reasons which influence the email reputation:-

  1. Technical setting.
  2. Email content and design.
  3. Reaction to your bulk emails.

A. Technical Settings

  1. Your email must be in the correct format. To ensure the format email underwent you will have to perform SPF and DKIM checkout.
  2. Use a special header in bulk emails for people to know what you send.
  3. Don't forget to add unsubscribe link in an email and it is easy to see and have adequate size and font color.
  4. A reputation of your IP address and domain must be high.

B. Email Content And Design

  1. Avoid using spam words in your mail such as discount, income, money, check, and many more words.
  2. Links that you used in your emails are extremely important. Never take a link from a suspicious resource. Otherwise, it may be fraud.
  3. Your email must be in the plain text version.

C. Recipients’ reaction to your bulk emails

  1. Every email must contain unsubscribe link for the recipient to unsubscribe but not mark as spam.
  2. Name and address of the sender are familiar to the recipients.
  3. The frequency of email sending:- Don't send emails every day. The optimal frequency is not more than once a week.

If you want to know the complete points on this then click here.

I written first time on this community, I hope this article will help you.

How to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted, Here in this article, we will put light on the fact that sending Bulk Emails doesn't mean spamming and how can you send such emails. How to send bulk email without spamming in 5 easy steps: 1. Double-check with the double opt-in method. 2. Don’t assume customers want to receive emails. 3. Build an organic list. 4. Set expectations. 5. Don’t be a stranger.

If I understood right, you are trying to send emails to multiple users. If so, then try with array & implode() like this below script to send multiple emails. Avoid spam is how you pass the scoring like frz3993 said in comment. And also based on your hosting service provider, the speed, performance factors, etc., measured.

Look that the formatting of this string must comply with RFC 2822 as per Standard.

$headers   = array();
$headers[] = "MIME-Version: 1.0";
$headers[] = "Content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1";
$headers[] = "From: Kalaivanan <>";
$headers[] = "Bcc: Alagu <>";
$headers[] = "Reply-To: Recipient Name <>";
$headers[] = "Subject: {$subject}";
$headers[] = "X-Mailer: PHP/".phpversion();

$receivers = array('', '', '',.... );

mail(implode(',', $receivers), $subject, $message, $implode("\r\n", $headers));

How to Send Bulk Emails Without Spamming? (A Complete Tutorial , Spam gets a bad rap, but let's be sure we are talking about the same thing. Spam is sending an email that holds no relevance to your reader. On the contrary, if  Prepare your own mailer list with targeted users and you can send bulk email to them without spamming. Based on the number of people hit the spam button to your email, there are more chances that your future emails will be tagged as spam by Google gmail filter.

After few years, I learned many this regarding sending large emails. But the basic this I got from below link. This may be useful for you.

How to send a bulk email without spamming, If you want to send bulk email without spamming (or being flagged as a spammer anyway), there are a number of factors to consider. Finding a  Your email is marked spam and your emails are said to have a low delivery rate. sad music cue. But it’s possible to fix how you do email marketing to go from spam to primary inbox. cheerful music cue. So, we have this blog ready to help you understand factors influencing your email delivery rate, and send your bulk emails without spamming.

How to Send Bulk Email Without Spamming: A Definitive Guide, Crafting targeted emails so as to avoid being sent to spam, or being marked as to protect people from unsolicited, and unrequested bulk mail. There are certain efficient hacks to help you skip the spam box. Some methods that I would recommend are: 1. Firstly check if the email’s contents are right or wrong.

28 Tips On How To Avoid Spam Filters When Doing Email Marketing, Learn how to send an email blast without ending up on a blacklist. may not only ignore your emails, they may also mark the email as spam. If your email marketing situation calls for a large email blast, cross check with our  Be sure that your emails don’t look like typical spam emails: don’t insert only a large image; check that the character-set is set correctly; don’t insert “IP-address only” links. Write your communication as you would write a normal email. Make it really easy to unsubscribe or opt-out.

How to Email Blast Without Getting Blacklisted, This means that your emails are more likely to go to the spam folder. A smaller, more engaged email list always trumps a large list full of  Another very important setting is to change your emails to not send the same message repeatedly and always send fresh email (a good option is less than 6 hours from the creation of the message, as show in the mail header). You should change name of the user in the contents of the message, DKIM signature, etc.