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I'm writing a tiny webpage whose purpose is to frame a few other pages, simply to consolidate them into a single browser window for ease of viewing. A few of the pages I'm trying to frame forbid being framed and throw a "Refused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options." error in Chrome. I understand that this is a security limitation (for good reason), and don't have access to change it.

Is there any alternative framing or non-framing method to display pages within a single window that won't get tripped up by the X-Frame-Options header?

I had a similar issue, where I was trying to display content from our own site in an iframe (as a lightbox-style dialog with Colorbox), and where we had an server-wide "X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN" header on the source server preventing it from loading on our test server.

This doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, but if you can edit the pages you're trying to iframe (eg., they're your own pages), simply sending another X-Frame-Options header with any string at all disables the SAMEORIGIN or DENY commands.

eg. for PHP, putting

    header('X-Frame-Options: GOFORIT'); 

at the top of your page will make browsers combine the two, which results in a header of


...and allows you to load the page in an iframe. This seems to work when the initial SAMEORIGIN command was set at a server level, and you'd like to override it on a page-by-page case.

All the best!

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If you are getting this error for a YouTube video, rather than using the full url use the embed url from the share options. It will look like http://www.youtube.com/embed/eCfDxZxTBW4

You may also replace watch?v= with embed/ so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCfDxZxTBW4 becomes http://www.youtube.com/embed/eCfDxZxTBW4

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If you are getting this error while trying to embed a Google Map in an iframe, you need to add &output=embed to the source link.

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UPDATE 2019: You can bypass X-Frame-Options in an <iframe> using just client-side JavaScript and my X-Frame-Bypass Web Component. Here is a demo: Hacker News in an X-Frame-Bypass. (Tested in Chrome & Firefox.)

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Adding a


to my link in the facebook tab fixed the issue for me...

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  • If they're your pages, then remove the frame limiter. Otherwise, respect the page's author's wishes and DON'T FRAME THEM.
  • If you are getting this error for a Facebook App and using AJAX calls, i read somewhere that Facebook really likes using # tags for it's ajax contact so try changing links, worked for me.
  • @MarcB Chrome and Firefox ethically frame non-owned websites in native UI chrome. These programs also allow relaxed same-origin policies to their owners, FWIW. As garen-checkly said, "I'm writing a tiny webpage whose purpose is to frame a few other pages, simply to consolidate them into a single browser window for ease of viewing." That's basically extending the web-browser and would be completely ethical. The stated intent is no different from writing a bash script to open and arrange browser windows.
  • Check Surfly. It can do exactly what you need.
  • @MarcB That's not helpful. OP might not care about the page author's wishes.
  • I had a frame around a website. On my website, I'm redirecting to Instagram for OAUTH. Since Instagram sends X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN there is no way to do this inside the frame. You must use a popup.
  • With PHP it's probably better to use the new header_remove function, provided you have it available (>=5.3.0).
  • Or you can edit .htaccess if you want to remove X-Frame-Options from an entire directory. Just add the line: Header always unset X-Frame-Options
  • @cawecoy: Well yes, the whole point is that it's invalid. It relies on browsers ignoring the invalid header and ‘failing open’, which is unspecified behaviour and pretty dodgy to rely on. GOFORIT (or other random arbitrary invalid token) is deliberately breaking a security measure applied by a server; if you have control of the server yourself (which you should do for any real public service) then the correct thing to do is just set the server not to set the header in the first place.
  • This doesn't seem to work any longer in Chrome. Invalid values cause the value to default to DENY.
  • Oh progress... I wish they would just redirect us to the embed page instead of causing an error to be thrown, and making me rewrite my scripts!
  • That is only true for embedding google maps in an iframe, and not a general "solution".
  • I needed to embed a google map in a lightbox, so this "solution" was perfect