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I am using SQL LOADER to load multiple csv file in one table. The process I found is very easy like

  INFILE '/path/file1.csv'
  INFILE '/path/file2.csv'
  INFILE '/path/file3.csv'
  INFILE '/path/file4.csv'

But I don't want to use INFILE multiple time cause if I have more than 1000 files then I have to mention 1000 times INFILE in control file script.

So my question is: is there any other way (like any loop / any *.csv) to load multiple files without using multiple infile?

Thanks, Bithun

Solution 1: Can you concatenate the 1000 files into on big file, which is then loaded by SQL*Loader. On unix, I'd use something like

cd path
cat file*.csv > all_files.csv

sqloader load multiple file into 1 table, Re: sqloader load multiple file into 1 table. It appears you are running sqlldr on windows. One way would be to put sqlldr in a for loop and call it for each csv file in the directory, using the sqlldr data= command line option. The short answer is you were having problems because SQLLDR doesn't automatically re-scan the data on multiple row imports. A snippet from the documentation follows. From the SQLLDR documentation. Using POSITION with Multiple Table Loads. In a multiple table load, you specify multiple INTO TABLE clauses.

Solution 2: Use external tables and load the data using a PL/SQL procedure:

  FOR i IN 1 .. 1000 LOOP
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'ALTER TABLE xtable LOCATION ('''||to_char(i,'FM9999')||'.csv'')';
    INSERT INTO mytable SELECT * FROM xtable;

load multiple csv into one table by SQLLDR, Solution 1: Can you concatenate the 1000 files into on big file, which is then loaded by SQL*Loader. On unix, I'd use something like cd path cat  I want to map or insert data from A2 column to T2,T3,T4.I am able to insert into T2 and T3 using desc_skip FILLER POSITION(1) in control file(.ctl) but not in T4. Could you please help me How to insert single file column value into more than Two columns in table using sqlldr. Please find the control file below which i am using.

You can use a wildcards (? for a single character, * for any number) like this:

infile 'file?.csv'


Loading multiple files .CSV or .txt using SQL Loader (Linux , Loading multiple files . CSV or . txt using SQL Loader (Linux) 1) using a shell script first take the flat files one by one and load into the staging table. 2) one loaded into the staging table then get the date from the file name (test-20121017. 3) Now call a procedure which contains few business logic to append to SQLLDR control file: Loading multiple files. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 2 months ago. Active 5 years, 6 months ago. load multiple csv into one table by SQLLDR.

Loop over the files from the shell:

for csvFile in `ls file*.csv`
    ln -s $csvFile tmpFile.csv
    sqlldr control=file_pointing_at_tmpFile.ctl
    rm tmpFile.csv

How to load multiple tables from multiple csv files with sql loader , you cannot load data from multiple dat files in a single control file. if the table structures are same, then use unix/OS commands to concatenate all the .csv files into  Case Study 5: Loading Data into Multiple Tables. Case 5 demonstrates: Loading multiple tables. See Loading Data into Multiple Tables. Using SQL*Loader to break down repeating groups in a flat file and to load the data into normalized tables. In this way, one file record may generate multiple database rows.

OPTIONS (skip=1)

INFILE /export/home/applmgr1/chalam/Upload/*.csv


whether it will check all the CSV and load the data or not

Windows » sqloader load multiple file into 1 table, This works fine whith one csv file, however i need to iterate through all files and call sql loader for each file.When i am finished, i just move all the  SQL-Loader: The Step by Step Basics - Example 1 (CSV file) SQL*Loader is Oracle's powerful command line (sorry, no GUI here) tool for loading data from almost any organized data file into an Oracle table (or tables).

SQL Loader, Each of these csv files contain order information from four different countries and order reference number. And I want to load them into multiple tables in Oracle using SQL Loader.. Order1.csv. IND,REF1101 COUNTRY POSITION(1:3) CHAR,. I have multiple csv-files in a directory. This directory will be updated with new csv-files. I need to load all csv files with sqloader in 1 table. So all the files have the same columns only different data. This is how my control file looks:

10 Oracle SQLLDR Command Examples (Oracle SQL*Loader , Each and every records needs to be in a separate line, and the cat sqlldr-add-​new-with-data.ctl load data infile * into table employee Load the data to multiple tables using this control file as shown below. I have a table with 5 columns, c1, c2, c3, c4, c5 and a csv file has 6 columns, a,c1,c2,c3,c4,c5. 3 How does one load MS-Excel data into Oracle? 4 Is there a SQL*Unloader to download data to a flat file? 5 Can one load variable and fixed length data records? 6 Can one skip header records while loading? 7 Can one modify data as the database gets loaded? 8 Can one load data from multiple files/ into multiple tables at once?

SQL*Loader - Loading a Csv File [Gerardnico, 1 - About. How to load a csv file in a table with SQL Loader. You can also specify multiple files to load with the INFILE option. load data infile 'file1.csv' "str '\r​\n'"  How to load multi - line record into oracle using sql loader sqlldr can load into multiple tables easily (you can have multiple into clauses) But carriage