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I'm trying to use localization in my project but I can't find a way to access my resx files from javascript. I have been looking around a bit and I don't think the 'AJAX call' method would be ideal for my project since I have quiet a lot of string that need to be fetched and it would just have to spam the server hard!

if I just put it in my HTML then it works with this code:

@using Resources

I guess one of the things I could do is put all the strings in a hidden div and then get the content from the divs in my javascript but this wouldn't be very effective..

I had a similar situation and in my case, I created a separate partial view which only contained a javascript block where I put all the resource strings required for use in client side logic. Every resource string was defined as a javascript variable. You could also create an associative array.

In your partial view:

var Resources = {
        January : "@Html.Raw(ISt_Localization.January)",
        February : "@Html.Raw(ISt_Localization.February)",

Using resource files (.resx) in javascript, I had a similar situation and in my case, I created a separate partial view which only contained a javascript block where I put all the resource  With the help of a Base Class, the ASP.Net Render function will be overridden and the values of the Global and Local Resource files (.resx) will be embedded in JavaScript using C# and VB.Net. First add a new class named BasePage.cs and place it in the App_Code folder of your ASP.Net website project.

You can also try the below thing directly

@using Resources

var value = '@Resource.January';
/* work with value 


How to get a string from .resx file to a .js file, How to get a string from .resx file to a .js file.​Articles/159697/Resource-File-to-JavaScript-Object. Thanks. It registers a JavaScript block to the page, which contains an object that represents the contents of a resx (resource) file (key and value). This is useful to get resource strings from JavaScript code (client side). Background. It is known that getting resource strings in client-side JavaScript is not straightforward.

Using .Net Resources in Javascript, js files to razor views (.cshtml file). The views, being parsed on the server, would then have access to the existing resource classes. For each .js  Using T4 for localizing JavaScript resources based on .resx files In our project we're using two languages: Dutch and English. Furthermore, the IT company who built the application is using a framework on top of EXT.NET and thus there is a lot of JavaScript involved.

Making your ASP.NET Global Resource files work in JavaScript , You're probably using resource files (.resx) in .NET, but will produce the resources in JavaScript as an object with properties on it, like this:. Want to use Python to translate .net .resx file into javascript? Then I got you. Use. Get access to your resource translations in javascript. The takes 3 arguments. the path your App_Resources folder or whatever directory contains all your resource files/folders (from this point on this will be refered to as the App_Resources folder)

Resource File to JavaScript Object, Using the Code. This web control will write all the entries in the specified resx file to a JavaScript (client side) object. So please make sure that the  You cannot embed a .resx file in a runtime executable or compile it into a satellite assembly. You must convert your .resx file into a binary resource (.resources) file by using the Resource File Generator (Resgen.exe). The resulting .resources file can then be embedded in an application assembly or a satellite assembly.

Use ASP.NET Resource strings from within javascript files, NET allows you to use resource files (*.resx) to localize content of pages (or views, if we are in context of ASP.NET MVC). All what you need is  Add a new resx file to your ASP.NET MVC project and name it Resource.resx. Open the file in VS.NET and set the access modifier to Public, now you can add a file per supported language using the naming: Resource.en-US.resx, Add some entries to your resources and mark the ones that you want to use in javascript with the js comment. You only have to add this comment in the Resources.resx file. JS file structure