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I am trying to check if a fancybox has been loaded already. If so then I run an ajax script to put content inside.

If not I open a fancybox iframe and it fetches content.

Here is the code:

if ($('div#fancybox-frame:empty').length >0) { 
    alert('it is empty');

   'width': '80%',
    'height': '80%',
    'autoScale': true,
    'transitionIn': 'fade',
    'transitionOut': 'fade',   
    'type': 'iframe', 
    'href': '/show_photo'
    alert('it is full');   
        type: "GET",
        url: "/show_photo",
        success: function(data){

It always returns that it is full even when I know there is not fancybox open.

Any ideas?

This should work without testing for .length

if ($('div#fancybox-frame:empty'))

However, :empty does check for text nodes. So if you div has a line break, i.e.,

<div id="#fancybox-frame">

it might choke. In that case, place the opening and closing tags on the same line.

jquery - how to check if fancybox exists on page already, I am trying to check if a fancybox has been loaded already. If so then I run an ajax script to put content inside. If not I open a fancybox iframe and it fetches  If "fancybox" as a function does not exist, it is likely that either the jQuery source or the plugin source are failing to load into your page. Make sure that the pathing, file names, and extension are all correct. EDIT: Make sure that you link to jQuery Source before you link to any plugins.

I made it work with below code:

if(typeof $.fancybox == 'function') {
     fancy box loaded;
} else {
     fancy box not loaded;

‍ how to check if fancybox already exists on a page, This should work without testing for .length if ($('div#fancybox-frame:empty')). However :empty checks for text nodes. Therefore, if you div a line break, i.e. 7. Attach fancyBox To Web page. Next we must write a couple lines of jQuery to attach the fancyBox to our page. This is a piece of cake (even if you’ve never written jQuery!) Follow along and add this bit of code as I have below.

This works for me

if ($('#fancy_content:empty').length > 0)
    alert('Fancybox Open');
    alert('Fancybox NOT Open');

Documentation, js file. How can I check if fancybox exists? Something like (this doesn't work) if (​typeof fancybox !== "undefined") {  YouTube and Vimeo videos can be used with fancybox by just providing the page URL. Link to MP4 video directly or use trigger element to display hidden <video> element. Use data-width and data-height attributes to customize video dimensions and data-ratio for the aspect ratio.

I've been building an app using Fancybox, so I am posting my findings on different related threads I find discussing the issues I have encountered. Amit Sidhpura's solution is great to check if the Fancybox JS script is present in the dom or, in other words, if the $.fancybox plugin is present.

However, it does not tell you whether Fancybox has been initialized or not. In order to do that, you can do the following:

function fancyboxIsInit() {
    var fbInit = false;
    if( typeof $.each( $(document).data('events') !== 'undefined' ) {
        $.each( $(document).data('events').click, function(i, v) {
            if( v.namespace === 'fb-start' ) fbInit = true;
    return fbInit;

Or the following:

function fancyboxIsInit() {
    var fbInit = false;
    if (typeof $._data(document, 'events') !== 'undefined') {
        $.each($._data(document, 'events').click, function (i, v) {
            if (v.namespace === 'fb-start') fbInit = true;
    return fbInit;

Depending on which jQuery version you are running.


Check out this JsFiddle for reference.

$().fancybox is not a function : webdev, if ( !$ ) {. return;. } // Check if fancyBox is already initialized Check if $orig and $​thumb objects exist. if ( obj.opts. Handle page scrolling and browser resizing. fancyBox 2.1.0 adds 'style="margin-right: 17px;"' to my page body when I open an overlay. Everytime I open the overlay, my page in the background squeezes to the left because of the added margin. I believe it's supposed to be the calculated width of my scrollbar.

In my case for ending up here in this thread, I had a script checking if user input had been detected through mouse movement or keyboard activity. However the parent page were not detecting activity when being inside a fancybox iframe.

To adjust and compensate for this fact, I let the script running in the background know if there is an open iframe in the DOM (as I am not using iframes besides with fancybox) by using the following code:

if ($('body iframe').length > 0)
    console.log('Fancybox Open');
    console.log('Fancybox NOT Open');

You could also choose to have your iframe content have a specific ID or Class that you measure, however take in mind that when the HTML element is dynamically instigated you have to target an existing parent selector first which were present at DOM to be able to find your newly created element.

jquery.fancybox.js · GitHub, how to check if fancybox exists on page already. I am trying to check if a fancybox has been loaded already. If so then I run an ajax script to put content inside. Check if a users email already exists in the database on submit I wish to check on form submit if the users email address already exists, and if so display a

Fancy jQuery lightbox alternative| How to use, Loading jQuery from CDN (Content Delivery Network) is recommended Also, check src paths for AlphaImageLoader as they are relative to the HTML containts clickable elements (for example - play buttons for movies, links to other pages). Launch fancyBox on page load: Method one - Trigger one of the elements; Method two - Open fancyBox manually; Reload page after closing; Set parameters (like width and height) individually - HTML5 data attributes; URL parameters; Metadata Plugin; Based on element ID; Supersized effect

jquery.fancybox.js, It's a common practice to apply CSS to a page that styles elements such that they currIndex ); }, // Create array of gally item objects // Check if each object has looping and slide with that index already exists, then reuse it if ( self.opts.loop  The script doesn't check if the email address is already in the database. Can anyone advise how I check if the an input from a field is al&hellip; Hi, I have created a membership script but I have

fancyBox, If you already have jQuery on your page, you shouldn't include it second time Tip: fancyBox attempts to automatically detect the type of content based on the given url. If the content can be shown on a page, and placement in an iframe is not parameters - current fancyBox instance and current gallery object, if exists. When the wp_enqueue_scripts action happens, where it is recommended that we set the scripts and styles that will be used on a page, we don’t yet know what will be on the page. Fortunately, we can call the wp_enqueue_script() function after that, during the body of the page, and those scripts will be printed in the wp_footer() function.

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