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I want to create a login page based C# desktop application. I use the bunifu toolbox to create a login page design. But when I want to create a password field using the bunifumaterialtextbox, the textbox does not show any changes / it only displays alphabet. It looks like the ispassword contained in the textbox properties is not working. So what should I do so that this texbox can display the correct password (not displaying alphabeth) when the program is run ?. I apologize for any errors in this question.

I'm new using the Bunifu framework tool and I had the same problem then you. The solution I found was to invoke the _TextBox method which I suppose that gives you all the normal TextBox controls.

My code was something like this: txtPassword._TextBox.PasswordChar = '*';

I loaded this code inside the Form_Load code block. It worked for me, hope that be useful for you too. Good luck!

Bunifu Material Text Box, Use Bunifu's material text box UI control for Winforms to create beautiful apps. to set textbox for password input which hides the characters when typing using IsPassword Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. We use cookies to help our site work & improve your experience. i'm trying to create a login form using the textbox of bunifu but when i do set the properties: isPassword to true it seems not working. how can i solve this?

is just a easy solution i have found

private void passbox_OnValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    passbox.isPassword = true;

textbox functionality in userobjects such as bunifu text box, Tagged: password, textbox I would expect Bunifu Text Box to share the same functionality with a regular text box. But I am having This would really be helpful, as we may want to use the standard textbox instead of Material design one. We use cookies to help our site work & improve your experience. Well, I found some really annoying bug, when I use MaterialTextBox on my login page. As you know all modern browsers has autocomplete feature, so when I just open my app textBox label overlays password "dots". Is it possible to fix it in

PART 1, Join a community of over 2.6m developers to have your questions answered on Password TextBox Problem of Testing Framework Testing  #bunifu ui Bunifu UI controls are DLL driven tools to help you build awesome desktop application interfaces. It guarantees great user experience in your apps and reduces development time.

Password TextBox Problem in Testing Framework Testing , Gets or sets the character used to mask characters of a password in a single-line control. Set the value of this property to '0' (U+0000) if you do not want the control to mask When the TextBox is in password mode because PasswordChar,  TextBox textmode property is not working when sets Textmode="password" in side Gridview Edititemtemplate how to set textboxwatermark to textbox if it is in textmode is password in asp.net textmode password in asp.net with jquery

TextBox.PasswordChar Property (System.Windows.Forms , Note that you may not wish to do this as the maximum length of a password may be of use to hackers who are trying to guess the password. The  Bunifu Textbox is a customized beautiful input control that replaces the original textbox control. With flexibility in customizing the textbox you get the chance to create uniform a uniform UI that blends well with the rest of controls. You have the ability to add the textbox both at design time and at runtime. Possible customizations:

Create a Password Text Box with TextBox Control, is not showing password. so is there any solution for this. please give me any solution. Posted 3-Jul-12 20  Bunifu Framework Sign Up Redo - C# .NET Example Unsubscribe from KeepToo? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed c#,VB.NET Modern Material Login with Bunifu UI

  • Can you be a little more explicit by providing us more details (like screen or code ? )
  • it work sound great, but how it working. May be it just have to set once