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GNU bash, version 1.14.7(1)

I have a script is called "" I have to check this from script only... inside it I have written following statement

status=`ps -efww | grep -w "" | grep -v grep | grep -v $$ | awk '{ print $2 }'`
if [ ! -z "$status" ]; then
        echo "[`date`] : : Process is already running"
        exit 1;

I know it's wrong because every time it exits as it found its own process in 'ps' how to solve it? how can I check that script is already running or not from that script only ?

An easier way to check for a process already executing is the pidof command.

if pidof -x "" >/dev/null; then
    echo "Process already running"

Alternatively, have your script create a PID file when it executes. It's then a simple exercise of checking for the presence of the PID file to determine if the process is already running.



# Could add check for existence of mypidfile here if interlock is
# needed in the shell script itself.

# Ensure PID file is removed on program exit.
trap "rm -f -- '$mypidfile'" EXIT

# Create a file with current PID to indicate that process is running.
echo $$ > "$mypidfile"


Update: The question has now changed to check from the script itself. In this case, we would expect to always see at least one running. If there is more than one, then we know that process is still running. I'd still suggest use of the pidof command which would return 2 PIDs if the process was already running. You could use grep to filter out the current PID, loop in the shell or even revert to just counting PIDs with wc to detect multiple processes.

Here's an example:


for pid in $(pidof -x; do
    if [ $pid != $$ ]; then
        echo "[$(date)] : : Process is already running with PID $pid"
        exit 1

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I you want the "pidof" method, here is the trick:

    if pidof -o %PPID -x "">/dev/null; then
        echo "Process already running"

Where the -o %PPID parameter tells to omit the pid of the calling shell or shell script. More info in the pidof man page.

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Here's one trick you'll see in various places:

status=`ps -efww | grep -w "[a]" | awk -vpid=$$ '$2 != pid { print $2 }'`
if [ ! -z "$status" ]; then
    echo "[`date`] : : Process is already running"
    exit 1;

The brackets around the [a] (or pick a different letter) prevent grep from finding itself. This makes the grep -v grep bit unnecessary. I also removed the grep -v $$ and fixed the awk part to accomplish the same thing.

Bash check if process is running or not on Linux / Unix, #!/bin/bash # check if we are the only local instance if [[ "`pidof -x $(basename $0) -o %PPID`" ]]; then echo "This script is already running with  I want a shell script which check whether a certain program is running or not, if not, then start it. There are two programs for which I need this. I have made this script and setup it in cron to execute it every hour for checking/starting of my programs:

Someone please shoot me down if I'm wrong here

I understand that the mkdir operation is atomic, so you could create a lock directory

mkdir $lockdir  || {
    echo "lock directory exists. exiting"
    exit 1
# take pains to remove lock directory when script terminates
trap "rmdir $lockdir" EXIT INT KILL TERM

# rest of script here

Bash: How to check if your script is already running – Jay's IT blog, This script is just checking to see if the program "gedit" is running. Or you can only I need to make sure only one instance of my script is running. In this case, use a echo "Not starting another instance." exit 5 else nohup  It stores the pid of the script to a file. Then when another instance of the script is started, the new script tries to send signal 0 (=do nothing) to the pid stored in the file (i.e. previous instance of the script) using the kill command. If the signal gets send it means that the script is running and the new script will exit _cleanly_.

Here's how I do it in a bash script:

if ps ax | grep $0 | grep -v $$ | grep bash | grep -v grep
    echo "The script is already running."
    exit 1

This allows me to use this snippet for any bash script. I needed to grep bash because when using with cron, it creates another process that executes it using /bin/sh.

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