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I have a table like below:

               Table Value
id    attribute1   attribute2   attribute3   active
232       A           null          B           Y
486      null          A           null         N
986      null         null         null         Y
509       B            C            D           N
824      null          B            C           Y
712       A            C           null         N

I need to get id = 232,824 and created a query like this:

select id 
from value 
where active = 'Y' 
and attribute1 is not null 
or attribute2 is not null 
or attribute3 is not null

but it's doesn't work.

and i confused without using id in where condition. And i need to create where condition with that attribute and active flag, (only not get id if all attribute is null)..

This is simple enough:

select count(*)
from t
where attribute1 is not null or attribute2 is not null or attribute3 is not null;


You just need correct parentheses:

select count(*)
from t
where active = 'Y' and
      (attribute1 is not null or attribute2 is not null or attribute3 is not null);

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You forget the brackets

select id from value where active = 'Y' 
and (attribute1 is not null or 
attribute2 is not null or 
attribute3 is not null)

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another way without using OR clause could be

FROM value
WHERE active                                                                           = 'Y'
AND DECODE(attribute1,NULL,0,1) + DECODE(attribute2,NULL,0,1)+DECODE(attribute3,NULL,0,1)>1;

Here is the SQL fiddle


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I hope I understood your question. You want all rows where active equals Y and no attribute column contains null.

select *
from value
where active = 'Y'
   and attribute1 is not null
   and attribute2 is not null
   and attribute3 is not null

This returns exactly the 2 rows(Id 232 & 824) you want. You just messed up the and's with or's.

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You state you want a query that extracts id's 232 and 824 from your test data set.

Here goes:

select id 
  from value 
 where attribute2='B'
    or attribute3='B';

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