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I'm quite new in coding, so might be an easy question for you all. What exactly should I do if I have this array and want to just show the first letter of every element of it?

var friends = ["John", "Will", "Mike"];

I wanted to do it with substr method but I just want to know how to do it with a string.

Use to iterate the array, take the 1st letter using destructuring, and return it:

const friends = ["John", "Will", "Mike"];
const result =[v])=> v);

How do you return the first letter of different strings in an array , how do I find the first letter of multiple strings with different letters in a .map map is looping over each element in array, in each iteration of the loop, the element  Java Program to Capitalize The First Letter Of Every  Array Elements The below Java program will convert the first letters of the array elements to uppercase letters.

As everyone else is using new fancy ECMAScript6 I'll give the oldschool version of it:

var friends = ["John", "Will", "Mike"];

for (var i = 0; i < friends.length; i++) {

JavaScript function: Converts the first letter of each word of a string , The split() method is used to split a String object into an array of strings by separating the string into substrings. console.log(str.split(' ')); Output : ["  How to remove spaces from a string using JavaScript ? How to clone array in ES6 ? method to make first letter of a string each letter of text using JavaScript ?

You can use map() and charAt():

var friends = ["John", "Will", "Mike"];

friends => i.charAt(0))


JavaScript String charAt() Method, More "Try it Yourself" examples below. Definition and Usage. The charAt() method returns the character at the specified index in a string. The index of the first  String Primitives and String Objects. First, we will clarify the two types of strings. JavaScript differentiates between the string primitive, an immutable datatype, and the String object. In order to test the difference between the two, we will initialize a string primitive and a string object.

Use loop for that array and access the first character using charAt(0)

var friends = ["John", "Will", "Mike"];

JavaScript String slice() Method, JS Array · concat() constructor copyWithin() entries() every() fill() filter() find() findIndex() forEach() from() includes() indexOf() isArray() Extract parts of a string: The first character has the position 0, the second has position 1, and so on. If omitted, slice() selects all characters from the start-position to the end of the string  The every() method checks if all elements in an array pass a test (provided as a function). The every() method executes the function once for each element present in the array: Note: every() does not execute the function for array elements without values.

Know something about

var friends = ["John", "Will", "Mike"];

JavaScript String substring() Method, The substring() method extracts the characters from a string, between two specified indices, and First character is at index 0 Extract only the first character:. Definition and Usage. The substring() method extracts the characters from a string, between two specified indices, and returns the new sub string. This method extracts the characters in a string between "start" and "end", not including "end" itself. If "start" is greater than "end", this method will swap the two arguments,

Extract First Letters from Each Word in text field (JavaScript), Need extract only first letters from FullName field. function Intials(cString) { var sInitials = ""; var wordArray = cString.split(" "); for( i = 0; i<wordArray.length; i++)  The charAt() method returns the character at the specified index in a string. The index of the first character is 0, the second character is 1, and so on. Tip: The index of the last character in a string is string .length-1, the second last character is string .length-2, and so on (See "More Examples").

Capitalize the First Letter of a String, To capitalize the first letter of a random string, you should follow these steps: You should use the charAt() method, at index 0, to select the first character of the string. var string this is how methods are defined in prototype of any built-in Object */ Object. stackoverflow - Capitalize the first letter of string in JavaScript. Get the first letter of each word in a string using regex in Java. Given a string, extract the first letter of each word in it. “Words” are defined as contiguous strings of alphabetic characters i.e. any upper or lower case characters a-z or A-Z.

javascript get first character of string Code Example, javascript return first character from each string in an array · get first get first letter of string javascript · extract first value of string javascript  slice() extracts a part of a string and returns the extracted part in a new string. The method takes 2 parameters: the start position, and the end position (end not included). This example slices out a portion of a string from position 7 to position 12 (13-1):

  • What is the expected output?
  • This is a question I would give someone learning JavaScript and I would except that person to perform some research to come to a solution. I advise the same for you. hint: loops and substring
  • Thanks, but what does these => operators stand for?
  • ES6 arrow functions
  • sweet! and what about showing just the last letter of every element? is it possible to do it with the same .map and/or charAt method?
  • @Pepdbm7 Yes, just use string.length - 1 as index. For example => s[s.length - 1]); or with charAt() like => s.charAt(s.length - 1);