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My organization is switching from Bitbucket to Github for project management. Today, I was trying to transfer our most recent project from Bitbucket to Github, by using SourceTree. I added a second remote repository to the project (using the URL of the destination repository on Github), brought everything up to date, and then attempted to push the code to the repository. A box popped up, asking for the password to my Github account. I entered in my (correct) password, and clicked 'OK', and the dialog box popped up again. I entered in my password (correctly) again, and it did the same thing.

My username is correctly identified, my password is correct, and I tried updating SourceTree because I had heard that it was an issue with a previous version. The problem persists.

I am using SourceTree 2.3.1

If you are using two-factor authentication with GitHub you will need to create a personal access token and use it with SourceTree:

To work with GitHub's two-factor authentication in SourceTree you can simply use your access token instead of your password. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Go to your Personal Access Tokens settings in GitHub.
  2. Click on the Generate new token button.
  3. Name the token something descriptive.
  4. Select which scopes you wish to grant this token.
  5. Click the Generate token button.
  6. Copy the token and use it as a password in your hosted repositories.

You can find more information about this on GitHub's help here.

Mac Users: If your SourceTree keeps on asking for the password, go to the Terminal and type this:

git config --global credential.helper osxkeychain

Solved: Sourcetree keeps asking for login and password, Solved: Sourcetree keeps asking for login and password Every fetch/pull/​push action requires password from my github account. I found the answer for this  SourceTree is having the Embedded version of Git. By default, SourceTree will not use System installed Git, instead it will be using the embedded git. This credential-cache problem will not be there in latest Git version.

open terminal and clone your repo. repository url must have your usedid, For ex:

$ git clone https://<username><userId>/<reponame>.git
$ git clone<reponame>.git

Then drag and drop the cloned folder into the sourceTree window.You can also do by clicking "+New Repository" button and from the menu by selecting "Add Existing Local Repository". It may ask for password again but this time it will get added to your keychain.

SourceTree keeps asking to authenticate again over, SourceTree keeps asking to authenticate again over and over. because I have enter the same username/password on website and GitHub Desktop it works. Sourcetree keeps asking username and password Joe_Tharayil Feb 22, 2018 Starting today Source Tree is not accepting my usernamd and password for GitHub and keeps showing the UI to enter credentials. .

I had a similar thing after an update; I tried re-adding my bitbucket credentials, changing the protocols, etc. with no luck, until...

  1. I opened my keychain and searched for bitbucket (probably the same for github, just search for github instead) under the Passwords category.

  2. I found that I had multiple Access Keys for my user, so I closed my repository, deleted all the keys of "application password" Kind, opened the SourceTree preferences > Accounts > removed my account and re-added it (login as usual - I used Basic with HTTPS).

  3. Keychain asks for permission to save the password, which I said yes and now I only see one key of the kind "application password".

I opened my repository from the repo browser and hey presto, no more password popups!

This bugged me for a whole week! If this helped you, you can do a little dance with me now :)

SourceTree keeps asking Github username and password and , I had to update my github password and I can login to fine, but when I try to push or pull from SourceTree it either gives me an  Sourcetree keeps asking me for login and password when pulling from external git or mercurial repository. I've tried different things: - removing keychain entry: no result - reinstalling sourcetree: helps, but the bug re-introduces itself soon and then until next reinstall it is still there. During single pull it asks for password always two times.

A solution worked for me given by Andrew Magill, Copied from Source : link

The problem is that SourceTree's embedded Git client comes with git-credential-manager v1.12, which no longer works with Github since they disabled TLS 1.1 on their site. You need to get git-credential-manager v1.14. Easiest way to do that is to install a current copy of the Git client separately, and then switch SourceTree over to use that ("system git") instead of its embedded client. Alternatively, you can update git-credential-manager in your embedded client by replacing its files with the newest version from Microsoft.

Sourcetree keeps asking for bitbucket password on , password I enter on Sourcetree is correct and works for a few minutes but then i get asked to reenter it. And yes I tell it to Sourcetree keeps asking for bitbucket password on windows "Please enter your Bitbucket/GitHub username" . Vladimit Veevnik May 27, 2016. Source Tree for Windows 1.8.3 keeps asking for my github account login/password even after I removed Github account and all repositories from Source Tree. I can not find any reference to the deleted account in Source Tree settings.

SourceTree version

The problem for me seemed to be the order of setup between SourceTree and GitHub. I setup SourceTree first and just clicked all the "setup later" options.

An easy fix - Uninstall and re-install SourceTree. The non-obvious bit was needing to delete the actual program files manually.

From any "SourceTree.exe" shortcut, open file location. Mine forked at "C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Atlassian" where the shortcut pointed to another shortcut.

Open that shortcut's file location. I eventually ended up at "C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\SourceTree". Delete the whole "SourceTree" folder. Go up one level to "...\Local" and delete the "Atlassian" folder as well.

Now uninstall SourceTree. Make sure your GitHub is setup the way you desire (for me, I also created and saved an SSH key that I used for SourceTree setup). Re-install SourceTree using all the correct credentials, point to the right repository and such.

After all this, SourceTree asked for my GitHub credentials twice, with two different dialog boxes, then stopped and worked! No more endless loop. Good luck!

Sourcetree keeps asking username and password, Starting today Source Tree is not accepting my usernamd and password for GitHub and keeps showing the UI to enter credentials. . Because of  I had the same problem and it troubled me for a long time, but I found a solution: Go to terminal in your project folder. Run #git pull. Input your username and password. Go back to sourceTree and run Fetch or Pull, it does not ask for your password again.

Sourcetree asking for password again and again, Since last update (2.7 152), source tree ask for my username and password in the front of the app, and it keeps appearing even if I enter the right password. By getting this, I mean when connecting for any pull or push to github using a  Remove all other authentications section in sourcetree other than git hub. Then click Add or either go to Hosted repositories(to quickly check if it was successful) and click on edit accounts. In credentials select OAuth and select refresh token. You will be redirected to bitbucket website and click on Grant access.

Sourcetree problems after update to version, This problem may happen after a major update of sourcetree. SourceTree keeps asking for Github password · Sourcetree keeps asking for login and password. I've been using Git for a while now, but the constant requests for a password are starting to drive me up the wall. I'm using Mac OS X and GitHub, and I set up Git and my SSH keys as

SourceTree keeps asking for Microsoft password, I'm working exclussively on php- and linux-based repositories being stored at gitlab, bitbucket and github. But sourcetree insists in asking for  I had similar issue, i had Bitbucket SourceTree that i used to use to manage my local Github and Bitbucket repositories, but after installing local Git i started getting Git always asking for my username and password on push.