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My aim is to read an excel file uisng POI and print the values present in it. If the value is 5 then my output must be 5. but it is returning as 5.0. The below is the code that I have tried.

    FileInputStream fileInputStream = null;
    XSSFSheet xssfResultSheet = null;
    String filePath = "C:\\MyXcel.xlsx";
    fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(new File(filePath));
    XSSFWorkbook workbook = null;
    workbook = new XSSFWorkbook(fileInputStream);
    xssfResultSheet = workbook.getSheet("Sheet1");
    int iRowCount = xssfResultSheet.getLastRowNum();

    for (int i = 1; i <= iRowCount; i++) {
        Row resultRow = xssfResultSheet.getRow(i);

My Excel has values 1,2,3 but my output is 1.0,2.0,3.0. Instead my output should also be 1,2,3




System.out.println(new DataFormatter().formatCellValue(resultRow.getCell(0)));


apache-poi provides for DataFormatter class as utility to leverage the format of the content as it appears on the excel. You can choose custom formats too, a simple example would be (cell is reference to your XSSFCell object):

Excel sheet looks like:


System.out.println(new DataFormatter().formatCellValue(cell));

The above line would print:

$ 1,200

Whereas your normal print would interpret it differently:


How to read numeric data from Excel using apache poi for Selenium , We can read numeric data from Excel using apache poi using getNumericCellValue method and we can use in Selenium Webdriver  POI should have a cell.getRawValueAsString() method, but AFAIK that’s not the case. The displayed text you see in excel is the sum of value + format. So if you want to recover it “as displayed”: Retrieve cell value from cell object; Retrieve cell format using associated CellStyle. apply format to value using DataFormatter

try this,


Problem in reading Numeric value as String fom Excel file using , I want to import my Excel file into MySQL database using Java. please tell me what i should make change to get that numeric values as string. Steps to read data from XLS file. Step 1: Create a simple Java project in eclipse. Step 2: Now, create a lib folder in the project. Step 3: Download and add the following jar files in the lib folder: Step 4: Set the Class Path: Right-click on the project ->Build Path ->Add External JARs -> select

When Reading Excel with POI, Beware of Floating Points, POI only has one way to read numeric cell values, and that's by using double . Excel numeric values, what you see isn't always what you get. A tester can create and maintain the tables of test data in an Excel spreadsheet very easily. To read data from the excel file 2007 (.xlsx), we will use an Excel spreadsheet as a data source using Apache POI API, which is developed by Apache foundation and XSSF (XML Spreadsheet Format).

See if this helps:

Try parseInt, after converting the cell's value to string using toString.

Cell cell=row.getCell(n);

First, convert cell's value to String using toString()

String cell_value = cell.toString()

Use parseInt to convert the same into integer:

int waitTime = Integer.parseInt(cell_value);

Now test whether the parseInt has done it's job or not.


reading integer values from excel using java, [Log in to get rid of this advertisement]. Hello, Am using Jakarta POI libraries for reading excel file using Java. Reading string value is really  Since excel files are so common, we developers often encounter use-cases when we need to read data from an excel file or generate a report in excel format. In this article, I’ll show you how to read excel files in Java using a very simple yet powerful open source library called Apache POI.

Apache POI interprets your numerial cell values as double, in order to avoid this, try to set the cell type. Maybe this will help you:

for (int i = 1; i <= iRowCount; i++) { Row resultRow = xssfResultSheet.getRow(i); resultRow.getCell(i).setCellType(Cell.CELL_TYPE_STRING); System.out.println(Integer.parseInt(resultRow.getCell(0).toString())); }

How can I read numeric data from an Excel sheet using Selenium , Apache POI provides getNumericCellValue() method which return the numeric value of excel sheet cells. Following example shows how to do  I am writing a java program to read an excel sheet (xlsx) using apache poi. I am able to iterate through all the cells and get all the values. But I am unable to get a specific cell value, say E10. Is there any way to do this? Please see the code below that I used for iterating through the cells.

Cannot get a STRING value from a NUMERIC cell. How can I , XSSFSheet; import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFWorkbook; public class ReadExcel { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { File  Getting data from another spreadsheet based on a cell value might be quite useful for some projects and reports. In this short article, I will show using Excel how you can get data from another worksheet based on a cell value.

Cannot get a text value from a numeric cell, Cannot get a text value from a numeric cell while reading numeric data from an xlsx file in apache poi excel read, the following is the code snippet to read data  Home >> JExcel API >> How to Read Excel file using Java Submitted by kdevendraraju on Fri, 01/03/2014 - 13:28 Normally, to read a data in excel, first we should have access to workbook, sheet which we want to read as workbook contains multiple sheets and if you want to read a particular cell we need location of a Cell.

How to Read Excel Files in Java using Apache POI, Java code Examples for reading Excel files in both format 2003 and 2007 using Extract the zip file and add the appropriate JAR files to your project's classpath: Here's a dirty example that reads every cell in the first sheet of the workbook and prints out values in every cell, row by row: case NUMERIC: I'm having a problem in excel while using Apache POI. I can read across rows, but sometimes I'm in a situation where I would like to read a particular column only. So is it possible to read any particular column like only the 'A' column only or the column 'C' only. I'm using the Java language for this.

  • AFAIK, getCell always returns float values. Have you tried parsing to Integer and then doing Math.round() on the value?
  • All numeric values in Excel are (64 bit) doubles.
  • Thanks for the explanation. Works fine.
  • This works flawlessly when the cell value to be taken as int
  • Just casting the returned value to int will work. (int) row.getCell(<CellPostion>).getNumericCellValue()
  • Apache POI does have such a method though! It's DataFormatter.formatCellValue(Cell)
  • If you look at the Apache POI Javadocs for setCellType, they're very explicit that this is not the right way to do that!
  • Yes, this is not the right way, but is a way;) A simple to use one. Make it work and after that make it clean ;)