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I have a variable holding values separated by a comma (Implode), and I'm trying to get the total count of the values in that variable. However. count() is just returning 1.

I've tried converting the comma-separated values to a properly formatted array which still spits out1.

So here is the quick snippet where the sarray session is equal to value1,value2,value3:

$schools = $_SESSION['sarray'];
$result = count($schools);

You need to explode $schools into an actual array:

$schools = $_SESSION['sarray'];
$schools_array = explode(",", $schools);
$result = count($schools_array);

if you just need the count, and are 100% sure it's a clean comma separated list, you could also use substr_count() which may be marginally faster and, more importantly, easier on memory with very large sets of data:

$result = substr_count( $_SESSION['sarray'], ",") +1; 
 // add 1 if list is always a,b,c;

How do I count comma-separated values in PHP?, PHP form that checks $name doesn't already exist and then inserts them into mySQL database. All works except for the $counted variable. If you want to count duplicate values in a comma-separated php string, first use the explode function to construct an array. Many time users ask me how to count a separate string in Laravel 5 for duplicate meaning comma. The array_count_values() function counts all the values of an array.

Should be

$result = count(explode(',',$schools));

[RESOLVED] count comma separated values in string, like so? $string = $result['Attachments']; $array = explode(',', $string); $​Attachments = count($array);  Count number of users for the comma separated values. Tag: php,mysql. I have comma-separated field base_users in my database. How do I query to count the totaluser of

$schools = $_SESSION['sarray'];
$array = explode(',', $schools); array_walk($array, 'trim');
$count = count($array);

The array_walk($array, 'trim') will remove any trailing space in elements value. :)

PHP Count comma separated items • PHP Developers Network, One approach would be the following: $db = JFactory::getDbo(); $id = 20; // Example ID $query = $db->getQuery(true); $query->select($db->qn('roll_no'))  pricereduc 07/01/2018 at 14:47. We can also add a third argument for explode function, this argument is an int type and can be positive or negative. It’s useful if you want to limit the number of elements, therfore the last one will be the rest of the string

Actually, its simpler than that:

$count = substr_count($schools, ',') + 1;

Jdatabase : Counting number of elements in a comma separated field, It will return the joined string formed from the elements of array. Example 1: This example adds comma separator to the array elements. filter_none. Re: Count comma separated values in a single cell. Amunra, Please take the time to read and understand the Forum Rules., which are clear about the requirement to start a new thread with your own question. DO NOT hijaack existing threads as you have done. This thread is locked, so start a new thread and, if it helps clarify your question, link back to this thread.

If there is sarray key set in session array, the count will return 1 for an empty string as well.

$session = array('sarray' => '');

$count = count(explode(',', $session['sarray']));

echo $count;

// => 1

So, if you want to count the number of items in the array, you will have to add an additional check for empty.

$session = array('sarray' => '');

$count = !empty($session['sarray']) ? count(explode(',', $session['sarray'])) : 0;

echo $count;

// => 0

Now, let's check if this works with items inside sarray.

$session = array('sarray' => 'foo, bar');

$count = !empty($session['sarray']) ? count(explode(',', $session['sarray'])) : 0;

echo $count;

// => 2

Hope this helps.

How to create comma separated list from an array in PHP , You can count values from comma-separated field using CHAR_LENGTH() method from MySQL. The syntax is as follows:SELECT *  So my question is pretty simple: I have a column in SQL which is a comma separated list (ie cats,dogs,cows,) I need to count the number of items in it using only sql (so whatever my function is (

Count values from comma-separated field in MySQL?, If you split an empty string, you get back a one-element array with 0 as the key and an empty space, with each triplet consisting of three double-precision numbers, separated by commas. So, "explode" didn't keep the delimiter but counts it. Finally, the function that we apply will take just the non-null entries in each list item and count the resulting sublist. For example, if we have. subcat_id <- c("1,2,3","23,Null,4") Then running the above code returns c(3,4) which you can assign to your column.

explode - Manual, In MySQL, FIND_IN_SET function is available which can be used to easily search a value in comma separated values. It works with both  PHP | explode() Function: The explode() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to split a string in different strings. The explode() function splits a string based on a string delimiter, i.e. it splits the string wherever the delimiter character occurs.

Search for value within a comma separated values in MySQL, Explanation: You wrote a function where you used explode function and then with the use of count function and for loop you add all exploded values into an array  Often times when coding in PHP, we have the need to turn an array into a comma separated string, or even an object into a comma separated string. As a Florida PHP Developer, I’d like to save you some time and show you the code. Simple PHP array to comma separated string