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I have seen some people creating properties in C# really fast, but how did they do it?

What shortcuts are available in Visual Studio (currently using Visual Studio 2010) to create properties?

I am using C#.

For example,

public string myString {get;set;}

You could type "prop" and then press tab twice. That will generate the following.

public TYPE Type { get; set; }

Then you change "TYPE" and "Type":

public string myString {get; set;}

You can also get the full property typing "propfull" and then tab twice. That would generate the field and the full property.

private int myVar;

public int MyProperty
    get { return myVar;}
    set { myVar = value;}

Visual Studio keyboard short-cut to complete default accessors {get , to complete creating the default accessors for a property in a C# class. The shortcut is the trigger "prop": You could also create a custom snippet: <​CodeSnippets xmlns="  Here I am Showing You That How You Can Get & Set Property Using Shortcut In Visual Studio. write "prop" as shown in below image: Then it will automatically display intelligence & from that select "prop" & then press TAB key from your keyboard then it will automatically add a code snippet of get & set property.

In addition to Amra's answer, you can find other snippets by typing

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + X

Which is mapped to Edit.InsertSnippet in my Visual Studio and shows you the full list of snippets available.

Also remember that you can configure your own snippets by using the Snippets Manager, which is available in the Tools menu, Code Snippets Manager.... Basically you create a file *.snippet and use the Import button in the Code Snippets Manager to add it to Visual Studio. For a full tutorial you can go to the docs; Walkthrough: Create a code snippet.

In Visual Studio Code snippets are handled slightly different than in Visual Studio. You can access all snippets by typing Ctrl + Shift + P and type in snippet. Two options should be available, Insert Snippet and Preferences: Configure User Snippets.

The former inserts a snippet from your list of snippets (using the Language Mode which you can see in the status bar), and with the latter you can create your own snippets for any Language Mode.

If you know the shortname you can just type that and use Tab to expand the snippet. For inserting a C# property you have three snippets available, prop, propfull, and propg, for different purposes.

Shortcut Trick For Get & Set Property, Here I am Showing You That How You Can Get & Set Property Using Shortcut In Visual Studio. Generate a field, property, or local variable in Visual Studio. This code generation applies to: What: Lets you immediately generate the code for a previously undeclared field, property, or local. When: You introduce a new field, property or local while typing and want to properly declare it, automatically.

Place cursor inside your field private int _i; and then Edit menu or RMB - Refactor - Encapsulate Field... (CtrlR, CtrlE) to create the standard property accessors.

Creating properties using Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio, This code generation applies to: C#. Visual Basic. What: Lets you immediately generate the code for a previously undeclared field, property,  Open the shortcut menu for a property sheet (its name ends in .user) and then choose Properties. The Property Pages dialog box for that property sheet opens. In the left pane of the dialog box, select User Macros. In the right pane, choose the Add Macro button to open the Add User Macro dialog box.

Type "propfull". It is much better to use, and it will generate the property and private variable.

Type "propfull" and then TAB twice.

Generate field, property, local variable, Keyboard: F4; ALT + ENTER; (see tables below) Menu: View -> Properties; View -> Property Pages Command: View.PropertiesWindow; View. Visual Studio shortcut keys. Here is a handy reference that can make your .NET lifestyle a bit easier and more productive. The 'must-know' shortcut keys are Highlighted.

After typing "prop" + Tab + Tab as suggested by Amra, you can immediately type the property's type (which will replace the default int), type another tab and type the property name (which will replace the default MyProperty). Finish by pressing Enter.

Properties Window Keyboard Shortcuts – The Ultimate Visual Studio , For example, the for code snippet creates an empty for loop. the IntelliSense menu, or by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+K,X or Ctrl+K,S respectively. By default the following code snippets are included in Visual Studio for C#. Inside a method, an indexer, a property accessor, or an event accessor. In Eclipse there is a shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+F, that re-indents code and fixes comments and blank lines. Is there an equivalent for Visual Studio 2010?

C# code snippets, ReSharper. 2019.3. Shortcuts: Visual Studio ReSharper | Edit | Generate Code | Properties / Read-only Properties Alt+Insert | Properties ReSharper will help you generate properties for all fields that you want to expose. In the example  Generate constructor from new usage (C# and Visual Basic) Place your cursor on the line where there is a red squiggle. The red squiggle indicates a call to a constructor that doesn't yet exist. C#: Visual Basic: Next, do one of the following: Keyboard. Press Ctrl+. to trigger the Quick Actions and Refactorings menu.

Generate Properties - Help, Visual Studio 2019 shortcuts Quickly add public properties You can add properties to Example of how to create a class from the keyboard. If you're using an old ReSharper but still want to use Visual Studio's dependency property code snippet (without downloading anything), type PROPDP in all caps and then hit tab once. Intellisense will come up with "No suggestions" but insert the code snippet anyway.

12 tips, tricks, and Visual Studio 2019 shortcuts to increase , VS Shortcuts | Shortcut keys for Visual Studio. Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O, Automatically determines logical boundaries for creating regions in code, such as Use this command to check the current value of a variable, property, or other expression for  Tips/Tricks: Creating properties using Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio. Tips/Tricks: Creating properties using Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading

  • You have forgotten to name it "Code Snippet" :)
  • @PVitt:Thanks I did not know the name :-)
  • also, propg will create: public int MyProperty { get; private set; }
  • You can also edit the code snippet, in the folder VC#\Snippets\1033\Visual C#\" under your Visual Studio install. I edited my propfull.snippet to make the backing field protected instead of private, for example.
  • If you just type P and TAB twice then it will also create int property.
  • Nice it is slower but you get the full list of short cuts +1.
  • I love you! been looking for this for a while now
  • Not everybody is using the same keyboard layout (not to mention ReSharper et al). Might be good to add where you can find this same functionality in the menus.
  • Why are full properties better than auto properties? Why clutter your code with an extra field?
  • In case you need to do something in setter or getter.
  • +1 THIS is actually what I was looking for, since it creates Properties for existing variables, thanks!